When you are organizing a fundraising event, you have many decisions to make, and sometimes, it even seems overwhelming. But before you go deep into the planning, stop for a while and think about this question: What is the best day for a fundraising event?

Choosing the Best Day for a Fundraising Event: Maximizing Attendance & Donations

It’s important to find the best day of the week to make it successful. With a little tweak to the time, your event could go from raising some money to raising enough money to meet your fundraising target. So, the question is, what is the best day for Fundraising? In this article, you will learn how to ensure that your timing is manageable to make your fundraising successful.

What Do You Know About the Best Day for Fundraising?

Hosting a fundraiser depends a lot on your target audience because they all have very different schedules—workers, families, and college students. So, think wisely and carefully about whom you want to invite, and especially when they will be able to attend. Moreover, check that no similar events are happening around the same time, or else your target audience will attend that event.

The weekend will ensure everyone's attendance, but hosting a fundraiser on a day of the week is always a possibility. However, not everyone will attend because people have jobs, after all. But if you know a good number of people will still be able to come to your event, then go ahead and choose weekdays as a great choice.

Which Is the Best Day of the Week to Host an Event?


This day of the week is the worst day to host a fundraiser event because no one likes to work after the weekend, and on Monday evening rolls around, people are often grumpy and tired. However, this day still works because you will get cheap venues and a little competition. If you know your event is desirable, you can still encourage an audience to come and make your event successful.


Tuesday evening is less encouraging than Monday evening for getting people. So, think carefully about your type of fundraising event. You can still grab the attention of your audience with a relaxed event with lots of food rather than a party or gala.


Till Wednesday, people will have returned to their work swing and will be ready to enjoy themselves. You can get midweek discounts on venues, caterers, and entertainment on their products and services, which means your budget will also be maintained and your profits will be higher.


Thursday is slightly better than Wednesday because the crowd is ready to get some relief from work and looking to catch up with friends, and it started to feel like the weekend. You can organize a Happy Hour Fundraising event because people tend to have more availability during the weeknights. So, you don’t need to worry about other events clashing with your event.


It might be the best time to persuade people to leave their homes and come to your event. However, some people just want to relax, and alternatively, younger people. Think about what your audience wants: to relax, to recover, and to have fun.


This day is the most popular day and night of the week to hold fundraising events because most people have free time on Saturdays. Make sure you book up far in advance so you can target an audience. Also, book your venues, caterers, and entertainment options to be in your budget. This means organizing an event on short notice or with a small budget may experience additional difficulties.


This can be a great opportunity to hold fundraising events during the day, but there are better choices for evening events. Your event should end before 4 or 5 p.m.; it will be golden! Organize family events so that parents can spend some quality time with their children. Entertain the families and children they will flock to attend.

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Whichever day you choose, you will get the money because every day is a fundraising possibility, and every day has the potential to be the best day of the week to host a fundraiser. So get ready to think, be creative, and start planning your fundraising journey.

FAQs About Best Day for a Fundraising Event

1. What Is the Best Day of the Week to Launch a Fundraising Campaign?

By strategically choosing Tuesday and Wednesday as the launch days for your fundraising campaign, you can take advantage of the peak in donations that typically occurs on these days, enabling your event planning.

December is the best month for Fundraising.

The first rule of Fundraising is people give to people.

The ideal time to raise your funds is when your startup is advertising a proven business model with a unique idea in the market.

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