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Is your dear one expecting a baby? Here's where you need to be! Choose a venue and vendor for the Baby Shower, shortlist them, and check their quotation and packages. On eVentGuru platform you can choose the right vendors and venues, creating invitations and themes for your baby shower, and providing ideas for games, activities, decorations, and more.

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Ensuring every aspect of your baby shower is flawless includes selecting the right vendor team. From photographers to caterers, cake bakers, and more, these vendors play a crucial role in your event. At our core, we strive to assist you in finding the perfect baby shower vendor to bring your celebration to life!

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When you are selecting the best vendor for your baby shower, remember to keep an eye on your budget. Decide on a budget which may depend on whether anyone is co-hosting and/or contributing to the costs. On eVentGuru website, we have some high-end vendors to budget-friendly vendors. You can select according to your budget, convenience, and theme.
To make your planning a lot easier, book with eVentGuru. Our baby shower venues are curated and perfect for your occasion. Go to search bar of our website and write Baby shower venues in whichever city you prefer, and simply go through the list of venues you get. After you select the venue, click on request a quotation button to get the venue packages.
Choosing party favors is not a hard and fast rule. A little "parting gift" is always nice, but not necessary. Candy bars or mint tins personalized with your baby's name are always well received at baby showers. A picture of each guest with the mom-to-be will last longer as a souvenir (it is required!).
These are some ideas to help get you started. There are tons of baby shower games to choose from – name that tune, baby shower bingo, diaper raffle, pregnant twister, guess the candy bar, don’t call me baby, what’s the story?, match the baby, wanna make a bet?, baby food taste test, baby photo guessing game, down the hatch, lullaby name that tune, blindfolded baby changing, baby item scavenger hunt, and many more.
Baby shower games are completely optional. Guests of honor should be asked how they feel about baby shower games in advance. Ensure you gauge the audience – some guests may love playing baby shower games, while others may hate them. It can be pleasantly surprised if they are well received, so plan a few and see how they go.
The average baby shower lasts about an hour. If there are a lot of guests and games (if any) played, the baby shower should last about two hours. Do not let your guest of honor leave the baby shower feeling exhausted because she may tire easily.
The third trimester is a typical time to shower. In general, from 6 to 8 months. The best time for my clients is late in the second trimester, between 6-7 months. A late shower will be more exhausting. The mom-to-be is always absolutely exhausted at the end of showers, and then she still has to haul everything home and unpack their car. It's still a good idea to have a shower 2-3 months before your baby is due if you're expecting it through a non-traditional method, such as adoption or surrogacy. If there are any last-minute items on your registry, you have enough time to get them and set up your nursery.
The mother, or the parents-to-be, should make the decision. Some share names and sexes of babies with family, others with close friends. It may be easier for guests to purchase gifts if the information is public and known.
The guests at a baby shower are traditionally women - the mother-to-be's family and friends. However, you shouldn't be afraid to invite the dad-to-be and his friends. Stay-at-home dads are becoming more common, so why not make the baby shower a coed affair? Some unique advice may be offered to new parents!