A baby shower is a time of excitement, anticipation, and planning. Perhaps the most important element of planning the celebration, however, is the invitation process. Timing your baby shower invitations right ensures that everyone who is invited has a chance to respond, plan for the event, and be there to celebrate the arrival of the newest bundle of joy. In this complete guide to baby shower invitations, we will cover just exactly when to send baby shower invitations, as well as other tips and tricks to consider in preparing a successful and unforgettable celebration.

Understanding the Timeline for Baby Shower Invitations

When to Send Out Baby Shower Invitations

As a general guideline, you should send out baby shower invitations four to six weeks in advance. This allows guests enough time to arrange their schedule, including traveling if needed and buying a present. It also provides you with time to get RSVPs and coordinate the remaining shower details, such as food and place settings.

Other Factors to Consider

Four to six weeks in advance is generally the norm. However, some situations can affect the timing:

Number of Guests :

If you’re having a large event, you may need to send out the invitations even sooner to provide all guests with sufficient time to RSVP.

Location of Guests :

Are there many out-of-town guests? In this case, you may want to increase the time in advance to six to eight weeks to give travelers time to arrange hotel accommodations and to prepare to attend.

Holiday and Vacation Time: :

If your party falls near a holiday or vacation season such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, or Thanksgiving, you may want to send out invitations even sooner to prevent scheduling conflicts.

Steps to Prepare and Send Baby Shower Invitations

Set the Guest List

When you start to make the invitation for the baby shower, the initial step is to compile an extensive guest list with the future mom and dad. Brainstorm together, and don’t forget to add the essential people in the couple’s life. From close family to best friends and co-workers, there are many people who matter to the future parents.

Set the Theme and Design

Set the theme and design of the baby shower according to the taste and style of the future parents. Invites can be color—or character-based and even motif-oriented, like a wild jungle, nautical, or kiddy storybook theme. Whatever you choose, make sure the baby shower invitations complement the overall theme and style. Consistency is key. Here are some ideas to consider for your next baby shower.

Collect the Relevant Info

In composing the invites, make sure to include relevant information that your guests will need to know, such as:

  • Date and Time: Directly tell when the baby shower will happen.
  • Location: Write the complete address, including any specific parking or entrance instructions.
  • RSVP Info: Set an RSVP deadline and include the means to contact you (either phone number, email or RSVP card) for guests to send their response.
  • Registry Info: Write where your future mom and dad asked for gifts if they have a registry.
  • Dress Code: Include a note if there’s a particular dress code required.

Choose and Order the Invites

With all the information ready, pick the best style of baby shower invitation that fits the theme. Whether you choose conventional paper cards or digital invites, it all boils down to your style and how formal the event will be. Order the cards in advance, especially if you need to consider printing and delivery times.

Stuff and Post the Invites

When stuffing the envelopes, pay attention to the names and addresses. Putting the addresses by hand gives a personal touch, but you can also use self-adhesive labels for ease. As mentioned, don’t forget to mail the invites at least four to six weeks in advance of the event date.

Digital Vs. Paper Invitations

There are pros and cons to both paper and digital invitations:

Paper Invitations

Physical Reminder: Guests and future parents will appreciate the reminder.

More Formal: This is a more formal announcement of your shower. You can get creative with different patterns, lace, ribbons, etc.

Mail Delays: Factor in shower invitations may get lost in the mail.

Digital Invitations

Save a Tree: You’re doing your part to save the trees.

Immediate Invitation: This option is for when you need invitations shipped quickly or when guests won’t be able to attend but want to know anyway.

RSVP Closures: Many sites allow you to track who has responded and send reminders to those who haven’t.

Managing RSVPs and Guest Communication

Establish RSVP Date: Give guests an RSVP date, usually two to three weeks before the shower, so that you can give the caterer and church the final headcount. After the deadline passes, follow up with those who haven’t responded.

Include Your Contact Info: Whether it’s an email, phone number, or an online RSVP site, give guests multiple options to RSVP so it’s convenient for them to do so.

Send Reminder: Send a friendly reminder about the RSVP deadline a week before the due date to those who haven’t responded. Most digital invitation sites will do this for you.

Special Considerations for Virtual Baby Showers

Virtual baby showers have gained popularity due to recent global events. They’re a great alternative to postpone or cancel your shower. Here’s how to modify your invitation strategy:

Consider Time Zones: Guests from other states or countries may want to attend. State the time zone and provide a link to a time converter or note the time difference to plan.

Set Virtual Guidelines: Add notes about any expected virtual etiquette like muting cell phones, dressing room, and any games or activities that may take place during the shower.

eVentGuru’s E-Invites and RSVP System

If you want to skip the hassle of sending invitations, consider eVentGuru’s convenient e-invite feature in addition to its RSVP tracking system. A digital invitation solution that not only allows you to send beautifully crafted invitations in minutes but also allows you to track guest responses all in one place.

Why Use eVentGuru?

  • Beautifully Crafted Invitations: Choose from various templates and design features to fit your shower theme.
  • Immediate Invitation: Send via email to ensure your guests receive it.
  • Track RSVPs: Easily see who has responded, follow up on those who haven’t, and get a final headcount days before your shower. We do the tracking for you.

Creative Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations

Themed Invitations: Whether your baby shower is a woodland whimsy, a tea for 2, or a beach day fun theme, coordinate the invitation to the theme.

Photo Invitations: Use a recent photo of the couple or a sonogram picture of the baby. This type of invitation is more personal and special.

Interactive Invitations: Some sort of pop-up, scratch-off, or puzzle invitation where guests must put the pieces together to see the details.

Handcrafted Invitations: For all you DIYers out there, creating your invitations can make the baby shower more special and unique. Cardstock, ribbon, stamps… customize away!

Conclusion: Timing and Form is Everything

A baby shower invitation is an important step in planning a fun and successful party for the mom-to-be. From the timing of the invitation to the format and details included, you can’t go wrong when planning the perfect baby shower. Whether you decide to go the traditional paper invitation or the digital invitation route, remember to convey the excitement and joy of the event while making it as easy as possible for guests to attend. Happy planning!

FAQ About How Long before a baby shower do you send invitations

1. How early should I send out baby shower invitations?

Invitees should receive their invitations four to six weeks before the shower. If guests will be traveling to the event or if it’s going to take place during a busy holiday, send them six to eight weeks ahead.

The date, time, and location of the shower, RSVP information, gift registry details, and whether there is a dress code.

There’s nothing more formal than a printed invitation and nothing more tangible than one you hold in your hand. On the other hand, online invitations are environmentally friendly, and you can receive immediate RSVPs with online invitations. The choice is yours.

You can include RSVP cards with your invitations, use email/phone or if you’re comfortable with technology, use online services like eVentGuru.

Most hosts send an RSVP reminder the week before the deadline, either via email, phone call, or through the online invitation service they’re using.

Absolutely! Just include all platform, link, and password details, as well as the virtual event etiquette. If necessary, indicate the time of the event in other time zones. .

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