Frequently Asked Questions


eVentGuru is an online platform that connects event organizers or hosts to vendors, and venues throughout the world.

To contact eVentGuru, email us at [email protected] or call us at +1 (866) 654-3217

eVentGuru doesn’t charge anything, the charges for planning an event depends on the venues and vendors you select.
To request a quote, first click on the venue or vendor list and choose them, and click on request pricing.

To search for specific vendor/venue, go to the search bar and enter the name of the venue/vendor.

Click on the sign-up button and select whether you are a venue or vendor. Fill up the details and your account is create. After they register on our platform, they can create their profile and manage the entire dashboard, where they can add their details, add their staff details, add a gallery, and can add events they have done.
Whether it's a commercial event or a personal one, we handle it all from start to finish. Events such as product launches and conferences as well as weddings, birthdays and anniversaries are among the types of events that can be organized. Please feel free to contact us for references and testimonials from all business sectors.
We offer a comprehensive list of venues and vendors for any kind of event. Our services include finding venues, organizing catering, décor, accommodations, staffing, equipment, and even hiring speakers. As a custom service provider, we can meet your specific needs. As each event is unique, we are able to fulfill all of your needs.

eVentGuru has developed an invitation card maker, which will help you to design your own invitation cards. It will not only make your inviting task easy but also trackable with RSVPs services. It has some of the most amazing and premium invitation templates for your special day to make it even more special.

Wedding Faq

We know that selecting the right venue is no walk in the park! To assist you in choosing your dream wedding venue, we have listed the different types of wedding venues. Search in the box for the kind of venue you need and the destination you want. Our curated list will appear with the latest pictures, reviews, and a request-a-quote button. Fill in your details and send a request to book the venues.

Create your own digital wedding invitation card with our paperless services. It serves as an excellent substitute for a printed wedding invite. You can choose from our premium designs and our online invitation maker to customize your perfect wedding card.

The trend of playing light jazz and standards may be common, but no rule requires you to follow it. Acoustic artists are great for mingling with your guests if you love them. It's always fun to start the evening with 80's music if you want to keep the mood upbeat. Also, you can search for the DJs and music companies in our vendor list and look at the portfolios and reviews.

Before you think about the pictures, have you yet decided on your wedding photographer? You can browse our curated selection of wedding photographers, review their portfolios, and send them quotation requests. Choosing a talented photographer means trusting that they know the best locations, styles, and tricks to click those perfect shots of you, your family, and your friends. You can hire the same photographer to capture memories throughout your wedding.
The popularity of a flower depends on both seasonality and wedding style, and trends that keep on shifting each year, but still there are some most popular wedding flowers are roses, tulips, lily of the valley, sweet pea, gardenia, orchids, baby's breath, sunflowers, and Muscari. Our florist vendors will help you select the most popular flowers for your wedding.
Before you begin planning your wedding, you should set a budget. Before making big decisions, you should discuss major decisions with your fiancé and friends. You can get help from your wedding planner once you decide on a budget. As a couple, you should also prioritize specific professionals or details. Entertainment and décor are important to some couples, whereas catering and photography are essential to others. To help you better understand the cost of your dream wedding, you can send a message directly to your favorite event professionals using our platform.
You need a wedding planner because your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it has to be perfect. They provide honest advice and full-time assistance. You can rest assured that everything will go according to plan when they focus on your wants and needs. They aim to ensure that everything turns out how you want it to. They will guide and support you every step of the way. You will find them very helpful, making the preparation process easier.
We would suggest you should start planning one year in advance. It is enough time to plan your standard wedding. This time frame gives a couple ample time to look for different venues, vendors, the perfect wedding dress, and more.
You need to search for a vendor to get quotations from different vendors. After that, you will get a list of vendors and click a button to request a quote. After that, the form will be auto-filled based on the event details. If you want to change any details, you can change them and click on the send button. And it's done.
No, you don't have any limitations for requesting quotes from different vendors or venues. They will share the quotation with you.


The best way to collect money and donations for a sponsored event is to host a fundraising event, talk to the non-profit organizations, get a little help from your friends, empower others to do their own outreach, and sharpen your strategizing skills.
Remember to identify the cause for which you are raising money. It provides donors with a clear understanding of how their participation will impact the event and gives them a clear promotional strategy. Donors connect more deeply with their cause when events have a clear goal. To align your fundraising strategy with all channels, campaigns, and projects, ensure they all work towards the same purpose.
To define your target audience, you must start identifying your goals. Also remember things like – looking at the past attendees, look at your competition, ask colleagues in the event industry, send a survey to your mailing list, create an attendee persona profile, and find out what your event does for the attendees
A good venue sets the mood for your fundraising event. So when you are selecting the venue, go through their reviews, portfolio and send a quotation request. eVentGuru has a curated list of venues for your fundraiser event. The perfect venue requires access to interactive technology, flexibility to the space to meet the event objective, availability of networking spaces where attendees can engage each other, and opportunity to discover authentic local culture, food, and experience.
To select the best vendors for your fundraisers, you can search in our list of vendors. Make a short list of your vendors, go through their reviews, portfolios, photos, and send a quotation request. At last, wait for their revert back and you are done. Select the one with your budget and preference.

Baby Shower Event

The guests at a baby shower are traditionally women - the mother-to-be's family and friends. However, you shouldn't be afraid to invite the dad-to-be and his friends. Stay-at-home dads are becoming more common, so why not make the baby shower a coed affair? Some unique advice may be offered to new parents!
The mother, or the parents-to-be, should make the decision. Some share names and sexes of babies with family, others with close friends. It may be easier for guests to purchase gifts if the information is public and known.
The third trimester is a typical time to shower. In general, from 6 to 8 months. The best time for my clients is late in the second trimester, between 6-7 months. A late shower will be more exhausting. The mom-to-be is always absolutely exhausted at the end of showers, and then she still has to haul everything home and unpack their car. It's still a good idea to have a shower 2-3 months before your baby is due if you're expecting it through a non-traditional method, such as adoption or surrogacy. If there are any last-minute items on your registry, you have enough time to get them and set up your nursery.
The average baby shower lasts about an hour. If there are a lot of guests and games (if any) played, the baby shower should last about two hours. Do not let your guest of honor leave the baby shower feeling exhausted because she may tire easily.
Baby shower games are completely optional. Guests of honor should be asked how they feel about baby shower games in advance. Ensure you gauge the audience – some guests may love playing baby shower games, while others may hate them. It can be pleasantly surprised if they are well received, so plan a few and see how they go.
These are some ideas to help get you started. There are tons of baby shower games to choose from – name that tune, baby shower bingo, diaper raffle, pregnant twister, guess the candy bar, don’t call me baby, what’s the story?, match the baby, wanna make a bet?, baby food taste test, baby photo guessing game, down the hatch, lullaby name that tune, blindfolded baby changing, baby item scavenger hunt, and many more.
Choosing party favors is not a hard and fast rule. A little "parting gift" is always nice, but not necessary. Candy bars or mint tins personalized with your baby's name are always well received at baby showers. A picture of each guest with the mom-to-be will last longer as a souvenir (it is required!).
To make your planning a lot easier, book with eVentGuru. Our baby shower venues are curated and perfect for your occasion. Go to search bar of our website and write Baby shower venues in whichever city you prefer, and simply go through the list of venues you get. After you select the venue, click on request a quotation button to get the venue packages.
When you are selecting the best vendor for your baby shower, remember to keep an eye on your budget. Decide on a budget which may depend on whether anyone is co-hosting and/or contributing to the costs. On eVentGuru website, we have some high-end vendors to budget-friendly vendors. You can select according to your budget, convenience, and theme.

Birthday Party

To book different birthday venues, head to eVentGuru website, where you can find venues according to your theme, budget, preferred location, and various other filters. When you search the venue, you will get the list of venues and you can send them quotation request after reading their reviews, and watching their updated portfolios.
Planning a great birthday party can be a lot of work – deciding on a theme, sending out invitations, and most importantly choosing the right vendors. To select the best birthday party vendors, go through the list, read the reviews, and see their portfolios. Once you make a short list, evaluate reviews, send a quotation request, and wait for the revert back.
Choosing a birthday party theme has some basic steps to keep in mind. It starts with a basic concept like checking calendar, think about things you love, consider being more abstract, brainstorm all possible themes, time, energy, money, and not to forget eVentGuru. We have a curated list of venues and vendors for your loved ones birthday party.
Some of the decorations you could compile to create an awesome party experience for your guest of honor and their guests such as balloons, banners, confetti, centrepieces, party blowers, streamers, party hats, wall decorations, cutouts, fairy lights, candles & cake toppers, photo frames, and flowers.
Music is everyone’s personal choice. But you need to create a perfect birthday party playlist with the help of these tips – know the duration of the party, do not shuffle your music library, ensure good sound quality, let you playlist match the party’s style and theme, interact with the guests for song requests, work your way up, keep a stash of hits, and have a good mixture of genres.
There are many different sizes available, including 8 and 9 inch squares, and you can create intricate tiered cakes of any height using this pan. Adding the number of servings per size tier is an option when serving a cake in multiple tiers. The most popular cakes for the birthday celebration are black forest cake, chocolate tuffle cream cake, pineapple cake, creamy vanilla fruit cake, kit kat cake, blueberry glaze cake, heavenly caramel cream cake, classic almond cake, fresh vanilla cake, and mango cake.
birthday special, here are tops tips for planning an unforgettable party. The tips are – create a small guest list, plan around your baby’s schedule, send invitation from eVentGuru, keep the party environment baby-friendly, choose a birthday party theme, shop for fun, bright decorations, prepare kid and adult snacks, consider having two birthday cakes, get help documenting the event, and hire a babysitter if lots of children will attend.
Planning for a 50th birthday party involves setting a date, deciding on a venue, vendor, creating food and drink menus, inviting guests and much more. A celebration of turning 50 brings a lifetime of friends and family together. It takes work to plan a party that has been planned for half a century. With our how-to list, we've made sure every detail is noticed. If you plan it right, you and your guests will remember your 50th birthday party long after your next milestone. Remember these things while planning party – create a budget, make a guest list, hire an event planner, set your 50th birthday party date, decide type of celebration, choose a venue, choose all vendors such as caterer, photographer, entertainer, anchor and some live artists, decide on theme or style, select & send invites, work with all vendors in a team, consider an immersive activity, make it bit personal, sweeten the party with dessert, and take care of your guests.
Spending some time making something you love is always a good idea, regardless of whether you make gnocchi or bake a birthday cake. But to make your birthday party more unique, try out things like decorate the house with birthday balloons, arrange a morning birthday surprise, plan a budget, make it more personal, establish a theme, make a memorable statement, assign a mingle master, add various activities, plan a menu, arrange games, make it a movie night, and more. You can even take help of eVentGuru for short listing the venues and vendors, and create a guest list and send invitations with trackable RSVPs.

Corporate Event

To contact a corporate event planner, start your process by narrowing down your options at eVentGuru. We have a curated listings of the best corporate event planners in every major city of the world. We have event planners who have years of experience in securing events, designing concerts, and executing every detail of the event. So whether you are looking to launch your product or want to throw a new year party, eVentGuru has everything and every person you need for your corporate event.
To book corporate event entertainment, browse our list of venues and vendors. A unique entertainer can make your event stand out, which is particularly important for product launch parties, pop-ups, conferences, and more. When choosing entertainment for your corporate event, you should consider its ambiance and theme. Consider oversized lawn games and a creative photo booth for your outdoor event if it takes place during the day. Choose a DJ or band that can keep the party going all evening long if you want your employees on the dance floor all night long.
To book corporate event vendors, go to our vendor’s list and look for the type of vendor you are looking for. We have a list of vendors such as event planners, caterers, musicians, decorators, and many more. Once, you select the vendors, request them a quotation and make an inquiry about their availability, and costing. Also, before booking a corporate event vendor determine how much you can afford to spend.
Some good corporate party themes are Mardi Gras, Carnival, Intergalactic party, a Corporate Camping Retreat, The House Party, back to the 80s, Hollywood, and many more. The event professionals we feature have created some of the most memorable corporate events, and they can work with you to choose a theme, design your event, and pull off every detail. We have feature articles highlighting real events, themes, and tips that can inspire your next corporate event theme.
The best corporate meeting venues are conference rooms, convention centre, hotels offering conference facilities, meeting halls, and corporate retreat venues. Search through our unique corporate event venues, and identify the perfect venue for your next corporate event.
Planning a corporate party is all about organizing, overseeing, and evaluating events for a business. In other terms, we can define corporate event planning as a process of organizing events for a brand or business to achieve business goals. There are few ways to plan your event such as – understand the purpose of the event, decide on your audience, set a realistic budget, choose a theme and format, establish a project timeline, select an appropriate location, plan the logistics of the day, make use of technology, promote your event, and celebrate and evaluate your event planning success.
Whether you are hosting a year-end corporate party, rewarding your employees, or hosting a pop-up event for a branded product launch, eVentGuru has most interesting venues and vendors to make you event more unique. To start, hire an event planner, choose unique entertainment, and choose a venue. You can plan every element of your event with the aid of a corporate planner, and your guests will remember your event for its unique entertainment.
When selecting a venue, you need to consider factors like location, parking, capacity and minimums, contract flexibility and force majeure, services and amenities, layout, insurance, ambiance and accessibility, acoustics, and flexibility on event date.

Event Host

The eVentGuru signup process is very straightforward. 

1. Go to the top right corner and click the sign-up button. 

2. After that, select "SIGN-UP AS AN EVENT HOST." 

3. You can also register using a Google+ or Facebook account. 

3. You will be directed to a registration page where you must enter your basic information and press "Submit." 

4. To verify your account, you will receive a verification email. 

5. To verify your account, you will receive a verification email. 

And voila! You are all set to create your first event. 

To create an event: 

  1. Click on the MY EVENTS section. 

  1. Click on MY ACTIVE events 

  1. You will be redirected to the active event page. You will find the CREATE EVENT button on top right corner. 

  1. Click on the CREATE EVENT button and you will be redirected to the event page. Fill in all the event details and your event will be created.

To create sub-event of the main event: 

  1. Go to your main event form MY ACTIVE event section. 

  1. Select option “Create sub-event" from the event given options. 

  1. Then you can create sub-event just like your main event 

There are two quick ways to ask a vendor or venue for a quote: 

  1. Search for vendors and venues using the home page. According to your filters, you will receive a list of all the best vendors and venues, from which you can request a quote. 

  1. Another option is to go to your event, choose "Search for vendor" or "Search for venue," and you will see a list of all the vendors and venues that are compatible with your event's specifications. From this list, you can simply click "Request a quote.

You can request quotes from an unlimited number of vendors or venues on eVentGuru, allowing you to select the best options for your event. 

To create an invitation, visit your event, look for the "Create Invitation" option, and you will be taken to a page with all the wonderful cards related to the event. 

To create a guestlist, visit your event, look for the "Create guestlist" option, and you will be redirected to a page where you can create guestlist for your event. 

To check all the requested inquiries for the event, go to the event and select option “Inquiries” then you will be redirected to a page where you can see all your inquiries for all the vendors, venues or combined.  

To check the quotation details from a particular vendor or vendor for an event. Go to your event page, choose the inquires option, and then select your inquiry, you will see the option "View Quotation" in the top right corner of your inquiry. By clicking on that button, you will be able to see all the quotations and their context.  

With the help of eVentGuru's free services, you can look through vendor and venue profiles and ask for quotes from them without having to pay anything. 

eVentGuru helps you in finding venues, vendors, and inspiration for events such as weddings, galas, birthday parties, baby showers, fundraisers, and more. 

eVentGuru provides features to their premium members where they can create quotation easily and send it it their leads. You can also re-quote and send the new quotation to the leads as per their requirements.  

Vendor / Venue : Registration and Account Management

The eVentGuru signup process is very straightforward. 

1. Go to the top right corner and click the sign-up button. 

2. After that, select "SIGN-UP AS AN EVENT VENDOR." 

3. You will be directed to a registration page where you must enter your basic information, your event profession and press "Submit." 

You can add or edit your basic information in “MY PROFILE” section to update your information, and the health meter will display your profile's status based on the information you enter. 

To add events, select "My profile" and then click the "Add event" button in the top right corner of the page to add the event. 

With eVentGuru you can add an unlimited number of images for your event for free. 

Vendor / Venue : Subscription and Wallet Balance

Go to your Dashboard and click "Subscription Plan" in the left menu bar to subscribe for the premium package. From there, you can subscribe to the Monthly and Annual Premium plans by clicking on the provided option. 

Yes, eVentGuru gives you free access to a variety of features, including the ability to add an unlimited number of events and photos as well as view any leads you may have received.

Basic plans have lifetime validity, yet you can subscribe to premium plans anytime.

eVentGuru wallet balance mechanism is used to buy the leads which you receive in your account.  

eVentGuru doesn't offer refunds. But we provide non-expiring wallet balances because we want to make sure your money is being used wisely. 

Whether you receive a free wallet balance when you purchase premium packages or you recharge your wallet on your own, wallet balances never expire. 

There are no restrictions on the bare minimum for recharging the wallet. Depending on your needs, you can recharge your wallet. 

Vendor / Venue : Leads and Quotation

You receive emails from eVentGuru informing you of each new lead that you receive on the platform. 

Additionally, you can access the leads by going to your dashboard and selecting "My pending inquires" or "My accepted inquires" from the left menu bar. The options will redirect you to the inquiry page once you click on one of them. 

You can see the lead's requirements, such as the type of event, the budgeted funds, the location, etc. You will have access to all the information, including the contact information, once you accept the lead after purchasing it. 

For their premium members, eVentGuru offers tools that make it simple to create quotes and send them to leads. Additionally, you can re-quote and send the updated quotation to the leads in accordance with their needs.