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Every life starts with a birthday, and it represents joy and happiness. Birthdays are a time for celebration. Find the perfect Birthday Party Vendor and Venue at Select the right vendor, venue, theme, decor, and ideas to celebrate the birthday boy or girl with your heartfelt wishes.

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At eVentGuru, you'll find the ideal birthday venue to host your birthday celebration. Our extensive range of venues caters to every preference and occasion. Choose from breathtaking rooftop restaurants, elegant banquet halls, picturesque lawns, charming restaurants, vibrant bars, energetic pubs, exclusive clubs, cozy lounges, spacious farmhouses, luxurious villas, inviting resorts, exciting gaming zones, and reputable hotels. Whatever you need, we have the perfect venue to make your celebration truly unforgettable.

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Conventional or unconventional: you choose your style and our list of birthday vendors will spill out loads of contact details of the best masters in crafting your celebration fantasies. Take a look at their portfolio: those photographers, party clowns, decorators and musicians can create an experiential symphony for your dear, close relatives and guests attending that special birthday occasion worth remembering for years to come.

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Spending some time making something you love is always a good idea, regardless of whether you make gnocchi or bake a birthday cake. But to make your birthday party more unique, try out things like decorate the house with birthday balloons, arrange a morning birthday surprise, plan a budget, make it more personal, establish a theme, make a memorable statement, assign a mingle master, add various activities, plan a menu, arrange games, make it a movie night, and more. You can even take help of eVentGuru for short listing the venues and vendors, and create a guest list and send invitations with trackable RSVPs.

Planning for a 50th birthday party involves setting a date, deciding on a venue, vendor, creating food and drink menus, inviting guests and much more. A celebration of turning 50 brings a lifetime of friends and family together. It takes work to plan a party that has been planned for half a century. With our how-to list, we've made sure every detail is noticed. If you plan it right, you and your guests will remember your 50th birthday party long after your next milestone. Remember these things while planning party – create a budget, make a guest list, hire an event planner, set your 50th birthday party date, decide type of celebration, choose a venue, choose all vendors such as caterer, photographer, entertainer, anchor and some live artists, decide on theme or style, select & send invites, work with all vendors in a team, consider an immersive activity, make it bit personal, sweeten the party with dessert, and take care of your guests.

birthday special, here are tops tips for planning an unforgettable party. The tips are – create a small guest list, plan around your baby’s schedule, send invitation from eVentGuru, keep the party environment baby-friendly, choose a birthday party theme, shop for fun, bright decorations, prepare kid and adult snacks, consider having two birthday cakes, get help documenting the event, and hire a babysitter if lots of children will attend.

There are many different sizes available, including 8 and 9 inch squares, and you can create intricate tiered cakes of any height using this pan. Adding the number of servings per size tier is an option when serving a cake in multiple tiers. The most popular cakes for the birthday celebration are black forest cake, chocolate tuffle cream cake, pineapple cake, creamy vanilla fruit cake, kit kat cake, blueberry glaze cake, heavenly caramel cream cake, classic almond cake, fresh vanilla cake, and mango cake.

Music is everyone’s personal choice. But you need to create a perfect birthday party playlist with the help of these tips – know the duration of the party, do not shuffle your music library, ensure good sound quality, let you playlist match the party’s style and theme, interact with the guests for song requests, work your way up, keep a stash of hits, and have a good mixture of genres.

Some of the decorations you could compile to create an awesome party experience for your guest of honor and their guests such as balloons, banners, confetti, centrepieces, party blowers, streamers, party hats, wall decorations, cutouts, fairy lights, candles & cake toppers, photo frames, and flowers.

Choosing a birthday party theme has some basic steps to keep in mind. It starts with a basic concept like checking calendar, think about things you love, consider being more abstract, brainstorm all possible themes, time, energy, money, and not to forget eVentGuru. We have a curated list of venues and vendors for your loved ones birthday party.

Planning a great birthday party can be a lot of work – deciding on a theme, sending out invitations, and most importantly choosing the right vendors. To select the best birthday party vendors, go through the list, read the reviews, and see their portfolios. Once you make a short list, evaluate reviews, send a quotation request, and wait for the revert back.

To book different birthday venues, head to eVentGuru website, where you can find venues according to your theme, budget, preferred location, and various other filters. When you search the venue, you will get the list of venues and you can send them quotation request after reading their reviews, and watching their updated portfolios.