We mentioned an essential guide about top wedding trends and ideas for 2024 according to experience and analysis of the wedding industry. First of all, there are three main aspects to focus on: Destination weddings, sustainable ceremonies, and the bridal gown.

As for previous times and trends, some factors were predictable, but at the same time, something is a new WOW AMAZING trend! Read more about it!

List of the Top 19 Wedding Trends for 2024

On the steps of an old architectural building, a beautiful wedding couple can be seen

In 2024 wedding dress trends bring a mix of tradition and innovation. Pastel dresses get whimsy and romance, while oversized bows add playful drama. Boudoir-inspired designs offer sensuality and vintage glamour, and black dresses rebel against tradition with sophistication. The comeback of '90s styles emphasizes turn-of-the-century charm, featuring bias-cut satins, well-structured bodices, and clean lines.

1. Audio Guestbooks

On the table, there is a yellow telephone next to a grapefruit

Say goodbye to classic guestbooks! Audio guestbooks are appearing as a unique trend, allowing guests to leave genuine messages and well-wishes through voice recordings. This interactive and individual touch adds a layer of sentimentality to your wedding memories. It’s also a great way for guests to have a bit of enjoyment at your wedding reception and for you to have a giggle or cry listening back to their messages and voices.

2. Flower Trends

Swinging among the flowers in wreaths, beautiful young women smile happily

Floral arrangements are stealing the spotlight in wedding decor, embracing unique twists as part of the 2024 trends. From striking, vibrant displays that make a bold statement to gentle, romantic bouquets that capture hearts, the focus is on floral magic. Picture grand installations at the altar or suspended above, the timeless beauty of baby's breath as a centerpiece, and whimsical floral garlands gracefully dancing across reception tables.

3. Micro Weddings

On the pier, the newlyweds held their wedding ceremony

Micro weddings are described as those planning a wedding with a guest checklist of 50 or fewer. After the pandemic, small weddings have been normalized, and this trend is the most demanding. Going this way could definitely save money, but usually, couples can spend more money on their guests and opt for a fancy restaurant or hotel room or even cover transportation and give them the feel of a luxury wedding.

4. Bold Colors

Forest wedding ceremony and decorations

More and more couples are wandering away from muted and natural styles, and the trend continue into 2024. Choosing colors, whatever they may be, helps partners set the tone for their occasion. Maintaining a color story throughout not only creates a vibe but also helps your guests count your day. Using colors will create an environment unlike anything else because it says who you are.

5. Accessory Trends

On a table, bridal accessories like shoes, bouquets, rings, and perfume are displayed

Brides in 2024 will dazzle with detailed hair combs accentuating elegant updos while bold statement earrings catch the light. Adding an element of fun and mystery, colorful shoes will be the perfect suit for the long gowns. Mirrored clutches and bejeweled handbags will create an impact of old Hollywood glamour. Furthermore, silk robes featuring feathered cuffs will allow brides to celebrate and embrace their femininity, creating stunning getting-ready photos that perform as beautiful mementos for future anniversary gifts.

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6. Retro Design

Walking next to a stylish car with newlyweds. wedding walk

Retro weddings were thought to be a specialty of history but have made a comeback in the last few years and are here to stay. The 60s and 70s-inspired fashions add some personality to a wedding, not just on the day off but in the lead-up. Couples are enjoying themselves, including contrasting shades, designs, and disco themes through.

7. Cold Fireworks

Wedding cake is cut, laughed at, and tasted by newlyweds

Cold fireworks are set to brighten wedding celebrations in 2024. These amazing-looking displays use special effects to create a stunning performance without the heat and noise of classic fireworks. They add a touch of charm and are sure to make that wow factor in a wedding.

8. Menu Trends

Beautiful wooden table with warm light, lovely dishes, and a beautiful layout for catering

Couples are taking the drinking experience up a notch instead of sticking to one special cocktail and having dinner courses paired with sipping tequila or even a complete tequila bar. Guests are enjoying the freedom of creating their drinks—from decadent desserts and grazing tables to crafting custom cocktails at DIY stations. It’s like having your ice cream truck at an event, adding excitement in an age where customization is a must, providing both variety and a personal touch.

9. Non-Traditional Venues

A meadow in a pine brown forest with dried flowers for a wedding ceremony

Classic places or venues like churches, hotels, or lavish mansions are great, but in 2024, we expect to see couples moving to venues that are a little less traditional and more unique to the couple and their story. Places like restaurants, halls, or backyards are many more options when you look outside the box.

10. Sustainability Trends

An elegant boho wedding venue decorated with various decor items

Weddings in 2024 are all about sustainability. It's not just about being eco-conscious; it's also about saving money. Opting for local, seasonal foods and flowers not only benefits the environment but also keeps things fresher and more delicious while staying within your budget. Using recycled paper for invitations, going digital to save the dates, and finding ways to donate or rent décor post-wedding are trends gaining traction. Minimizing disposable items is key. Moreover, hosting both the ceremony and reception at one location reduces travel, making it more eco-friendly, especially when arranging shuttle services for guests.

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11. Champagne Towers

A groom fills a pyramid of champagne glasses at an outdoor wedding ceremony

Champagne towers have forever been a sign of celebration, and they’re making a charming comeback in the 2024 wedding. Celebrate your reception with an attractive tower of champagne glasses, pouring bubbly cascades that look like luxury and elegance.

12. Photography by Drone

Weddings with drones

Drones are one of our famous trends that are growing in popularity every year. What people love most about drone photography is the angles, especially if you're shooting a wedding outdoors. Many photographers and videographers suggest aerial photography as part of their packages, recognizing the charm of seeing your first kiss (and all the gatherings you love) from above.

13. Midnight Snacks

An event catering event with close-ups of burgers

Late nights with a sweet treat or a delicious snack are a tradition that many couples want to keep. Like the other 2024 wedding trends, choosing something special for you doesn’t stop at colors or dresses. Some of the trends we’ve seen to fulfill cravings would be McDonald’s or a dessert bar. No concern about what you select; your guests will love it!

14. Weekender Weddings

Beautiful young bridesmaids. Wedding

Why pay so much time and capital on one special day when you could make a long weekend of it? From the rehearsal dinner the night before the primary event to the ice cream or sweet parties, the wedding weekend is a growing trend. The couple chooses a venue according to the budget, which contains on-site accommodation for guests. As per availability, couples can book symbolic wedding events so the wedding party can really let their hair down!

15. Wedding Invitations with RSVP Cards

The top of the invitation says welcome to anni anni

Wedding invitations with RSVP cards streamline the traditional invitation suite into a single, convenient piece, combining the invitation, RSVP card, and additional inserts in one. They simplify guest information while offering benefits like cost savings by eliminating multiple pieces and envelopes, contributing to eco-friendliness by using less paper, and providing unique design options like interactive elements or distinctive shapes. With our invitations, couples can save time in assembly while delivering high-quality, individualized invites, offering a practical, budget-friendly, and environmentally-conscious choice for their wedding.

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16. The Last Dance

The first wedding dance of a loving couple

Fully on board with this fresh wedding trend: instead of beginning your reception with the first dance, reserve it for the grand finale. Wrap up your wedding day with a special song, surrounded by your loved ones. You'll still bask in the spotlight by night's end, and it might ease any nerves after hours of celebrating. That's a win-win situation.

17. Unforgettable Exits

An eloping couple walking, hugging, and embracing in a city street on their wedding day.

The 2024 wedding trend hyped for is cold fireworks & laser shows. Cold fireworks deliver sparks at a low temperature, making them safer than their dynamic mates. Laser shows can be arranged to music and double as a final moment of enjoyment for your guests (this is an excellent choice for events being saved indoors, start to finish). Either way, you have yourselves an impressive exit.

18. Short Videos for Social Media

Women screen or group of friends smile for social media during a fun dinner gala or happy birthday party using a phone camera

Just Imagine you wake up in the morning after your big day, and you're eager to relive all those amazing moments. That's where the sizzle reel comes in. This quick 90-second snippet from your wedding video captures the excitement perfectly. It's like a lively highlight reel showcasing the joy and special moments from your vows to the final dance. Ask your videographer about this trend for 2024 weddings—it's a fantastic way to cherish those memories. After all, we're living in the world of reels and TikTok now.

19. Minimoon – Just Like Honeymoon

The Carpathian mountains offer a wonderful setting for a young couple in love

What could be better than having just one honeymoon? How about having two? Some couples are putting off their big dream trip for later and opting for a smaller "minimoon" to a nearby place, maybe even where they got married. It's a chance to relax, cherish the memories of their special day, and take a short break for a weekend. These little getaways are a great way to celebrate in a more intimate setting. The trend is awesome for couples who want to make the most of their time together or for those whose dream honeymoon spot isn't ideal during certain times, like the Amalfi Coast in February.


Even though trends are popular because many people like them, it's always a good idea to pick things that fit you, your money, and your plans. Choosing based on what suits you best will always be a timeless choice.

FAQs About Wedding Trends 2024

1. What Are the Trending Wedding Colors for 2024?

In 2024, expect to see a surge in popularity for bold and vibrant colors. Rich jewel tones such as sapphire blue, emerald green, and deep burgundy are anticipated to dominate wedding palettes. Couples are moving away from traditional pastels, embracing more adventurous and visually striking color schemes.

Nature-inspired and sustainable themes are gaining traction in 2024. Couples are opting for eco-friendly decor, outdoor venues, and botanical elements. Bohemian and rustic themes continue to be in vogue, with a focus on creating a laid-back and intimate atmosphere.

Food experiences will become more diverse and interactive in 2024. Couples are opting for unique and themed food stations, interactive chef experiences, and curated beverage pairings. Plant-based and sustainable menu options are gaining popularity as couples prioritize eco-friendly choices.

Bridal fashion in 2024 has variety and creativity. Non-traditional and statement-making dresses, including jumpsuits, capes, and high-low hemlines, are gaining traction among brides seeking unique looks. For grooms, modern twists on classic suits, textured fabrics, and pops of color in accessories are anticipated trends. Sustainable and ethically sourced attire options are also becoming more prevalent.

Technology is expected to play an even more important role in weddings in 2024. From live-streaming ceremonies for remote guests to virtual reality experiences and augmented reality photo booths, couples are selecting tech for special guest engagements and creating memorable moments. Wedding planning apps and digital invitations like RSVPs are becoming more sophisticated and convenient, streamlining the planning process for couples and guests alike.