Our baby showers aren't limited to your first baby. Whether it's the first or the seventh, we believe every baby deserves to be celebrated. However, there are huge differences in needs, whether it's a first or second child. Our second baby usually requires less stuff than our first. For example, we can use a crib if it is still in good condition. The stroller, clothes, swings, and toys are all the same.

Ideas for Second Baby Showers and Etiquette

The point of a shower isn't to give gifts. In contrast, it's all about sharing joy with our families and celebrating. For this reason, many people opt for smaller showers, often called baby sprinkles, by subsequent babies without elaborate themes, gifts, or guest lists.

Plan a baby shower with these baby shower ideas to make it memorable for all the guests while making it a beautiful celebration for the parents.

Throw a Long Socially Distanced Baby Shower

Second, Baby showers are great for long-distance events. There are still plenty of fun things to do at this type of party, but the formality has been reduced, and everything feels more relaxed. Moreover, even if your loved ones live far away, getting together is possible. Also, if the mother-to-be is confined to bed or distancing herself from society, it's a great option.

Choosing a hybrid or completely virtual event for a socially distanced baby shower is up to you. You can plan your party, send invites, communicate with guests, and more with eVentGuru. Hosting a baby shower has never been easier!

Co-ed Diaper Party

Did you know diaper parties exist? The guys usually bring Diapers and wipes instead of gifts for the soon-to-be-dad and his friends. Whatever your second or first baby is, you'll need this! A more formal baby shower is usually replaced by beer and BBQ. Combining the two can make it fun for everyone. Make the event a whole-family affair if you have friends that are young families!

Brunch Baby

The best way to host is outside—no cleanup, limited setup, and diverse food choices. Find out what decorations are allowed at a restaurant before throwing a baby sprinkle there. Most venues let you bring your own flowers and balloons. And if you have a corner spot, you can add a small gift table.

Beers & Babies Baby Shower

It's time to toast to a new baby, right? A backyard beer party is a beautiful celebration of baby two or three. Snacks and beers are included, as well as diapers or wipes. If you want to keep it chill, you can watch sports together instead of playing interactive baby-themed games. 

Crafty Welcome

Host a crafting party for the new mom. Engage guests in a fun, useful activity. Bring your own alcohol painting class trend, but swap the canvases for white onesies, and swap cocktail for mocktail (for the guest of honor anyway). Every baby costume change will be filled with fun memories and much-needed onesies.

Gender Reveal Party

Second baby showers offer the exciting opportunity to learn the gender of your baby-to-be - and more and more couples are including this on their pre-baby to-do list. Get your friends together and celebrate your new arrival. 

Keeping your ultrasound results sealed will make the gender reveal celebration a success. Set up the reveal with a trusted friend. It's a big deal. Get creative! Here are some ideas to help you reveal your gender – Cake, confetti poppers, paint splatter, and many more.

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Dinner Party

Make this second baby shower a sprinkle-themed dinner party. All family members, friends, and family of the mom-to-be are invited. Organize a great dinner party (or host one at your home), serve a great meal, and celebrate.

Sip & See

New parents usually host Sip & See parties at their house after their baby is born. Meet the new baby and enjoy snacks and drinks–see how that works. You can spruce up Sip & See with some extras. If you're having this party before the parents' second baby shower, hire a bartender or caterer to make it as easy as possible while they're adjusting.

Mocktail Party

Mocktail parties allow mom-to-be to participate in the fun while still being able to celebrate her pregnancy! Have a bartender create mocktails, choose a creative drink to represent the mom-to-be, and serve them along with charcuterie boards. Consider hiring a solo musician, such as an acoustic guitarist or singer, to provide background music. 

Make a second baby shower awesome

Baby showers can be just as fun a second time around! There are some etiquette tips to be observed if you decide to have a baby sprinkle instead. However, you can still create a great party using these Baby shower ideas. It is super easy and organized to host your event with eVentGuru.com. Our tools and resources will help you plan a memorable and enjoyable celebration for your baby!