Organizing a baby shower for yourself or a loved one is so exciting. Getting together with family and friends is a great way to celebrate the new baby! Hosting a baby shower, however, requires more than selecting the venue and sending online invitations; there is more to it. To make sure you remember everything,

Baby Shower Checklists: A Complete List of What You Need to Know

Read our checklists! When you have everything organized and written down, you'll have a lot more confidence the party will go smoothly.

Why do you need a Baby Shower Checklist?

A baby shower can take many forms, including in-person, hybrid, online, small gatherings, or large gatherings. You can improve your party planning by using a baby shower checklist. First of all, it allows you to keep track of everything that needs to be done. The next benefit is that it keeps you organized. Checklists will help you stay on top of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. You can check your list whenever you want to see what you should do that day or week. This checklist is helpful whether it's a virtual, hybrid, or in-person event. You can also feel more at ease by having a baby shower checklist. It's easy to refer to your list anytime since you've kept everything structured!

How to Plan a baby shower: A Simple Checklist

Creating a checklist is no point in making your life more complicated. Here is a simple checklist you can follow to make sure everything is completed on time. Remember dates when planning an event, such as when you must confirm the guest list, the day you need to order the cake, etc. A task's due date makes it easier to manage a big job. Below are the tasks you should complete before the baby shower and should follow strictly.

Baby shower checklist for host

You can use this checklist if you host a baby shower for a friend or relative.

Six weeks before the shower

Hosts of the event

Hosting a party can be a challenging decision. Sometimes, people want to take matters into their own hands - but ultimately, it should be up to the parents who host. It is essential to communicate directly to manage this properly. Feel free to accept or decline the invitation if someone asks you to host - or find someone else if you don't want to. Adding co-hosts to your event will make the planning process more manageable if you run into a dilemma where more than one person wants to host. The parents can also host a baby shower if they prefer. Most of our customers throw their baby showers, so you don't have to worry about it being unusual.

Set a budget

There can be a lot of costs associated with baby showers. It can also get expensive if you order customized cakes, book a venue, and have a long guest list. Budgeting is the key to achieving all of these goals. Host multiple baby showers, which can save you money if you have a lot of friends and family.

Select a date 

The party is happening as soon as you pick a date, so it's exciting to pick one. A number of factors must be considered, including the schedule of the honorees and attendees. Consult the parents-to-be about a few potential options before making a decision. Next, ensure none of the guests will attend any important events. Then you can pick a date. You can hold a virtual baby shower for your guests if the date doesn't work for them.

Finding three dates that work well is another way to choose a date. Once the date has been cleared with the guests, ask them to vote. A majority choice will solve the problem! As discussed previously, the events may need to be separated if there is an even split between two or three.

Make your theme stand out

Choosing the date is the first step, and then choosing a theme is next. Baby shower themes should be chosen based on what parents-to-be will enjoy. A girl's, a boy's, or a gender-neutral theme are options. You should match your theme throughout everything, from your website to your invitations and decorations. The colors and prints should match or complement each other; even the party favors should be coordinated!

Organize your guests

Creating the guest list is the next step. The size of the party and whether it will be a small or a large event are your choices. List all the friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers you'd like to be in attendance. Choose a small or large baby shower based on your preferences. You can expand the guest list if some of your guests can't attend in person. To include everyone, host a virtual baby shower. Also, remember to pick a host! Whether it's a best friend, mother or mother-in-law, or a sibling, you can ask them for help.

Select a venue

Baby showers are often held in someone's home. However, you'll need a venue if you decide to go another route. A restaurant is another great option for an outdoor celebration. Whatever you decide, you'll need to book the venue in advance. See our best baby shower venues for ideas.

Five Weeks Before the Shower

Send invitations to baby showers

You can use these invitation wording ideas to make the invitations extra punchy when you send them five weeks after you decide on the final guest list. It's also possible to save money and time with digital invites. Getting a guest count in advance is best by sending out a Save the Date/RSVP invitation. With eVentGuru, you can send as many invitations as you want, all with RSVP tracking. Stay organized by knowing if someone has read your invitation yet.

Choosing the food

You should plan what food to serve if you hold the baby shower in person. The best place to start is usually with a cake or cupcakes. You can then choose between appetizers and main courses. If your guests have food allergies, ask them about them before you plan your menu. Then decide who will prepare or buy the food.

Decorate the venue

It's always more fun to have decorations at a baby shower! Start by choosing the space you will decorate and consider how you would like to set the room up if you are hosting an in-person event. Buy a banner and table centerpiece if you want some larger decorations. Balloons, table decorations, candles, and lights can be added to complete the look. Your eVentGuru website lets you create a personalized, unique baby shower theme and add specifics like the date, time, and venue. You can also upload a list to the guest book.

Four Weeks Before the Shower

Remind RSVPs

You should begin contacting those you have invited four weeks before the event. Check how many RSVPs have been received and who needs to be contacted. Please remind everyone you have yet to be able to contact so they can RSVP soon. Keeping your guests informed about any party details during this time is also a good idea. A baby shower checklist must include communication! It is a good time (politely) to ask the guests to check out the gift registry as you are talking. It gives guests plenty of time to order and get it to the mom-to-be or send it to her in the mail. 

Cakes for Baby Showers

Now is the time to order a cake instead of baking it. A more elaborate cake requires four weeks' notice. Ordering this early for a more straightforward cake from a grocery store may not be necessary.

Three weeks Before the Shower

Place your order or run to the store to pick up all your supplies. Place everything safely in a place you'll have easy access to and where it won't get damaged.

The following items may be needed:

  • Balloons
  • Banner
  • Cups, silverware, plates, napkins
  • Food (non-perishable)
  • Party favors
  • Table decor
  • Tablecloth

The RSVP deadline is also approaching. The party is just under three weeks away, so please inform any guests you have yet to hear from that they need to let you know within a couple of days if they plan to attend. This way, you can buy everything and plan for the correct number of guests.

Two Weeks Before the Shower

Decorations for a Baby Shower

Two weeks before the party, gather any remaining decorations. Make sure you keep everything together in a place where you can find it easily.

Games plan

Prepare a game list for the baby shower. Having at least a few games and backups is a good idea. This guide has a great selection of games for those who need to plan quickly. For the games, you'll also have to order prizes. Take photos of the prizes and post them on your website to create excitement for your event. As a reminder, guests can RSVP by the end of this week.

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Prepare favors and gifts for the baby shower

You must wrap all prizes and party favors if you have a party where people will come in person. For everything, you can use gift bags and tissue paper. A big bow could also work if you need help wrapping large presents.

Check on housekeeping

The next step is to confirm the dates and times with everyone so they know what to expect and what they should bring. Check-in with anyone who is attending the event or bringing something, such as caterers or venue coordinators. Verify reservations and confirm times if you have any. It should be possible to contact you via email or phone. Know the mother-to-be's arrival time and how she will get to the party. Has someone driven her there? Will you pick her up? Knowing all of this in advance is a good idea so guests can arrive just before the mom arrives. If she walks in this way, she will see all the guests ready to welcome her! The last step is to write out your shopping list for the day if you are going to cook or bake anything. Prepare your cake or dessert decorations, such as candy or frosting.

A week before the shower

Reconfirm everything with guests before the end of the event. Be sure to inform them of the time and place of the party, how long the event will last, and any other essential details. You can also finish the decorations during this time and go over the day's plans. Make sure everything makes sense in the schedule. The last step is to count your guests. You should confirm the number of guests attending the event, and if you have an itinerary, you should send it to them. Our planning template can make things much easier for you if you want itinerary ideas. Organizing an event for people takes work, and templates make it easier.

Checklist for Parents-to-Be at Baby Showers

Congratulations on your upcoming baby shower! Here's a checklist to help you remember your tasks.

Approximately three to four months before the baby is due

Decide whether you want a party or not

Choosing whether or not to hold a baby shower is one of the first decisions you should make. Having a party is great, but if you do not want one, don't worry. Having an event is only for some. Some people prefer to celebrate with their closest friends and family. It is entirely up to you what you decide to do. You decide whether you want to have an event before or after your baby is born. In addition, you decide how far away you want the event to be from your due date or if you prefer to skip it completely.

Baby Registry

The best baby registries can help you figure everything out, whether you host a party or not. Babies need a lot of supplies, and friends and family are especially eager to help. The baby shower host should include the items on your registry in the invitations before sending them out to your guests if you're not having a party. You don't have to be tacky when you share your baby registry. There are plenty of ways to share your registry without being tacky.

Create a guest list

Remember to create your guest list before you send out those invitations. It's your party, so you control the guest list, so invite anyone you like! The only fundamental rule is knowing how many people can fit comfortably into your space, whether it's adults-only, kids-allowed, or even a co-ed party.

Baby Shower Day

As the guest of honor, everyone will be eager to greet and talk with you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the day!

Baby Shower After Party

Thank you notes should be sent

The etiquette of a baby shower dictates that you send thank you cards. After all, everyone took the time to attend, celebrate with you, and probably bring you gifts. Remember to send out thank you notes within two weeks of the baby shower, and even sooner if you can.

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Tips for Planning a Successful Baby Shower

Keeping organized is the key to a successful baby shower, and a baby shower checklist makes it easy to stay on track. Ask a friend to co-host the baby shower with you so you can share the tasks and make decisions together. This will help divide the work and make things more fun.

You should focus on getting people talking and having fun together, especially if your baby shower is virtual. Baby showers are about celebrating and enjoying time with family and friends, so be sure this is the real focus. You don't have to follow all of the baby shower rules. It's okay to break etiquette and do things your way. Just because something is expected doesn't mean you should do it that way.

Throwing a great baby shower?

You can simplify organizing a baby shower by breaking it down into a weekly approach. Use the tips to help you create a checklist to streamline the process. It will be a fun and memorable day for mom-to-be and guests. Make memories!