Whether there is a pandemic or not, life continues, and we want to be able to celebrate important milestones with our families and friends. How we celebrate has had to change, but people still find ways to get together. Our goal is to make the most of the situation, whether it be virtual bridal parties, birthday videos, or socially distant gatherings. 

Recent events have led me to my first socially distant event, a baby shower for long-term friends. It was exciting to be able to see people in person. However, I had a lot of questions about what it would be like and what everyone's personal comfort levels would be like. We were fortunate that the party was designed with this in mind - and many of the small, little details weren't just meaningful but made the experience enjoyable. For a few hours, we could return to normal.

A Socially Distant Baby Shower: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

These touches will help inspire your next get-together.

1. Safety Comes First

You should maintain other safety measures even if you have a small shower. Before serving food, everyone should sanitize their hands. Let's wave rather than hug and kiss. Tell anyone who feels sick to decline your baby shower invitation. If guests arrive, check their temperatures to ensure nobody has a fever. It may seem out-of-place with typical baby shower festivities, but this is not your typical situation. There are very few symptoms of the virus in most people. Be careful not to assume everyone is healthy just because they seem to be doing well.

2. Make Masks a Party Requirement

When it comes to slowing the spread of Coronavirus, masks are an essential tool! It is recommended that everyone wears masks when they are not eating. However, masking up needn't dampen the festive spirit. Creating a mask-wearing game is a fun way to incorporate the practice into your party planning. Guests can wear pink or blue masks to indicate a boy or a girl at your gender reveal shower, for instance.

3. Organize a Drive-by Baby Shower

Celebrating birthdays and graduations via drive-by parties is now part of the new COVID norm. This socially-distanced baby shower sees your besties swing by with gifts, tasty treats, and fun baby shower favors. Drive-by baby showers can provide you with some one-on-one time without endangering your health.

4. An in-Person Guest List That Is Small 

Our hearts long to come together in person to celebrate, but it may not be possible at this time, especially in states that mandate quarantine or negative test results before visiting. Those who attended were locals; anyone out of state was invited to a virtual baby shower. About 15 people attended. For those who lived out of state, they also held a virtual baby shower in addition to the in-person event. They could order gifts directly from their registry and share their news with friends and family. 

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5. Showering in Virtual Reality

Virtual baby showers are the safest way to have a baby shower during quarantine. Send an invitation with a link to a video chat meeting and a paperless baby shower invitation. You can do that if you're using a service that informs you of the link ahead of time. Pick baby shower games easily adapted to your streaming set-up to make this virtual party fun and silly. To ensure the mom-to-be is surprised during the party, you may ask attendees to bring essentials like meal delivery kits, gift cards, or extra cleaning supplies as guests or surprise gifts. Sending decorations to someone or decorating their home for them can be an option, as long as covid safety standards are followed.

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The Precautions to Be Taken

It's more economical and easier to inform guests of any changes in plans if you send phone messages or online invitations rather than printed ones. The CDC's guidelines for social distance ensure that guests and hosts are kept safe and healthy, which makes virtual baby showers a great alternative to in-person events.

As well as the losses incurred by Covid 19, you have missed vacations, canceled birthday parties, and cut the opportunity to have a baby shower for expectant mothers. A woman may deal with all the normal stresses, aches, and pains during pregnancy. So, instead of complaining, we can throw a social distance baby shower that allows all moms-to-be to wear maternity fashions with basketball bellies.