Venue's eVentGuru Portal Tutorial Videos

Introduction to eVentGuru Platform for Venues

If you are an event venue, this tutorial video is for you. n this tutorial video, we will show you how to use the eVentguru platform to showcase your event spaces and past events to users. We will also discuss the benefits and features of the platform, and show you how you can get leads through our system.

Step-by-Step Guide: Registering and Setting Up Your Profile as Venue

This tutorial video will show you how to register as an event  venue on our platform. We will walk you through the steps of creating an account, verifying your email address, and setting up your profile. We will also show you how to add photos, videos, and descriptions of your services or venue.

Master the Basics of eVentGuru's Subscription Model

In this tutorial, we dive into the essentials of our subscription model and the countless benefits it offers event vendors and venue owners like you.Streamline your operations, track team progress, and experience exceptional customer support. Join eVentGuru today and elevate your event business to new heights.

Supercharge Your Business with eVentGuru's CRM System

In this video, we'll show you how our CRM empowers venues like you to unlock untold opportunities. Explore valuable leads based on event type, location, and budget. Assess their worthiness and click "Buy Lead" to make a purchase. Use your registration bonus or enjoy even more benefits as a premium member. Seamlessly manage leads, send quotations directly, and foster trust.

Unlock Success with the eVentGuru Wallet

Welcome to eVentGuru, where success stories unfold daily within our CRM system. In this video, we'll explore how our CRM empowers venues like you to discover potential business leads brimming with untold opportunities.
When you access our CRM system, you'll find valuable business leads that shine bright with potential. Examine the event type, location, budget, and other key details provided. These insights serve as helpful hints, enabling you to assess the lead's worthiness and potential for business. Once you've determined that a lead aligns with your business goals, simply click the "Buy Lead" button within your CRM system. Keep in mind that each lead is unique, and therefore, the cost of business leads may vary from one lead to another.