An engagement party celebrates a couple’s official announcement, where friends and family gather and give their blessings. For couples, it’s a great time to share details of everyone before their wedding. You can also call it a pre-wedding event to celebrate your relationship milestone with those you love most.

The Best Engagement Party Ideas For A Fun Celebration

Here is a list of some Instagram-worthy ideas for your engagement to make it more memorable. But before that, let’s read some engagement party FAQs and a step-by-step guide on planning an engagement party.

Engagement Party Ideas on a Budget

We have gathered these party ideas for a range of unique engagement parties for you. So think out of the way and get creative with below-party ideas.

At Home or backyard Engagement Party

Are you hosting your engagement party at your home or in your backyard? Then get a pagoda, buy in drinks, fire up a BBQ, and set a playlist. A homecoming party is a great idea if you're on a budget. Here are some other at-home party ideas.

  • Do karaoke
  • Set up an entertainment area to watch movie
  • Plan a scavenger hunt

Brunch Engagement Party

Throw the couple's brunch party to celebrate their milestones and upcoming nuptials. It is more affordable than a fancy dinner and still feels elegant and thoughtful. Order food into space or cook yourself because your guests will have a great time. You can even set up a mimosa station or a Bloody Mary bar to start the party. At last, serve the brunch staple food. Some ideas for brunch engagement parties are

  • Afternoon tea
  • Let’s brunch
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Pancakes and DJs

Fall Engagement Party

Are you throwing a fall engagement party? Just think about how romantic and adorable it will look when warm reds, oranges, and yellows colors landscapes are seen in your pictures. So for a rustic theme party, choose a fall-themed event with these fall engagement party ideas listed below.

  • A pumpkin patch party
  • The apple of my eye
  • Vineyard hopping
  • Fall in love

Picnic Engagement Party

How about a park engagement party? Picnics are an ideal British summer bustle and picture-perfect for a tranquil engagement party. Head to your local park and enjoy many games, asking guests to bring some hamper of food and stock up on drinks. Or else hire a food truck. Also, don’t forget to get comfy blankets, parasols, and cute decorations. Here are a few ideas related to the picnic party.

  • Set up a piñata for kids and adults
  • Prepare little baskets for your guests by adding paper plates, cutlery, and napkins
  • Make food-engagement party

Surprise Engagement Party

The couple’s friends or family members arrange a surprise engagement party. It can be great to celebrate their love without overwhelming them with more planning and spending. You can consider hosting a theme-based party such as your favorite movie character, song, hobby, or anything you can think of for them. Ask them to come to a weird venue where you have arranged a party. Some ideas for surprise engagement parties are

  • Family gathering
  • Happily ever after
  • Rooftop soiree

Vintage Engagement Party

Throwbacks don’t have to be corny. Get inspired by something old with these below vintage engagement party ideas.

  • The Roaring ‘20s
  • By the decade
  • Something old, something borrowed

Virtual Engagement Party

If you’re getting engaged or got engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic, consider throwing a virtual engagement party, as it’s one of the safest ways to avoid large gatherings. If your guest list is big, turn that into small groups and spend quality time with each group. You can also send them treats or gift boxes filled with homemade goods, mini-champagne, or pictures.

  • Play fun games
  • The garden party
  • Cocktail hour
  • Black tie party

Winter Wonderland Engagement Party

If you got engaged during winter, enjoy sipping hot cocoa with warm blankets for a heartwarming holiday party. Decorate the place with white-theme products such as frosted accessories for a modern, dreamy vibe. Even serves warm favorites such as hot chocolates, seasonal staples such as mashed potatoes, decorated sugar cookies, and Christmas roast. Moreover, don’t forget to play your favorite winter songs to celebrate the party. Here are some winter wonderland party ideas:

  • Chic chalet
  • Winter bonfire party
  • Sparkling snow party
  • Movie and cookie party

Fun engagement party

Sometimes engagement parties don’t have to be at formal venues or homes. Just think outside the box with the below ideas. Consider your party venue to be off-site where no one can think about it.

  • Murder mystery
  • Casino night
  • Roaring 20s speakeasy

Creative engagement party

Want something out-of-the-box for your engagement party? Go Creative!! Arrange your party inspired by movies, TV, or pop culture to delight and amuse your guests. Here are a few ideas for that creative engagement party.

  • Bravo-Holics Unite
  • After the Final Rose
  • Do you Mind if “I Do”
  • Carnival Fair


We’re sure that you might get something more interesting to do on your upcoming nuptials from the above party list. Right from your backyard to weird venues and creative ideas, there are plenty of options to opt for and make your day more memorable. However, we are sure that you and your guest will have a fantastic party. Just one thing congratulations on your engagement, and have an incredible journey!!

Frequently Asked Questions About Engagement Party

1. Is an engagement party necessary?

They can be an excellent way for you to introduce yourselves to one another’s families and friends. It can also give you a chance to get socialize with each other’s friends and family. However, it depends on personal choice to throw an engagement party before wedding planning starts.

It is a way to tell your family and friends and share memories with those in their lives as they are on a new journey. Such parties are considered an opportunity for both sides of the family to meet and greet each other. Also, there can be great food, dance, meaningful speeches, a few drinks, some interactive games, and some emotional scenes.

They can be expensive or cheap, and the cost depends totally upon one's interest in spending. A few factors affect the most, such as the number of guests, venue, food, entertainment, etc., and these things make it a bit difficult to give the exact price. Mostly, don’t think about show-offs. Consider your budget as well. Thus, do what works best for you. And if we talk about paying, traditionally parents have to pay for the party, but nowadays couples themselves pay for it.

Generally, the couple’s parents or family members throw the party. However, more often, couples throw their own engagement party.

Steps for Planning the Engagement Party

  • Step 1: Figure out who’ll host
  • Step 2: Set your date
  • Step 3: Set a budget
  • Step 4: Pick a venue
  • Step 5: Prepare the guest list
  • Step 6: Plan your party style
  • Step 7: Send out invites
  • Step 8: Decide the menu
  • Step 9: Think about a theme
  • Step 10: Think about the gift strategy
  • Step 11: Assign day-off duties
  • Step 12: Choose party outfits