We are happy to announce that you are engaged! Now it's time to celebrate! An excellent place to start is with inspiration. Here are a few engagement party ideas that impress your guests. You may organize the gathering with your partner, or a loved one might take on the task. This is why these engagement party themes are cute, creative, and perfect for commemorating one of the most memorable milestones in a relationship. Also, some of these party themes will look great on Instagram.

There are many ways to celebrate, whether an outdoor get-together or a pop culture-inspired theme. Plan the best engagement party you've ever had by browsing our ideas collection.

15 Benefits of Having a Themed Engagement Party

A backyard engagement party is doable few beers, some chips, and homemade guacamole. It's easy as pie. Theme-based engagement parties, however, are becoming increasingly popular. It is a great way to liven up the celebration and make it unique to the couple's interests. Your backyard engagement party can be a BBQ bash or create your own romantic Parisian café in your garden.

1. Night at the Movie

Put your Netflix game on a whole new level. Prepare charcuterie boards, Caprese salad crisps, strawberries stuffed with yogurt, and almonds as your hordes. There will be popcorn and chocolate as well since it's movie night. It is surprisingly easy to find a high-quality projector these days. Prepare a full-wall exhibit featuring a (short) slideshow of the bride and groom, followed by some of your favorite movies. The perfect accompaniment to hordes and a movie night is a mimosa.

2. Cocktail party

Cocktail parties are one of the most popular engagement party themes for summer. It just feels right to host an outdoor event in the sunshine. This event will be unique, of course. Having a signature drink at a wedding reception has become a hot trend, so why not let a mixologist help them choose? This course teaches you how to make premium drinks by mixing them with the right spices and garnishes. While selecting the perfect mix for the couple, prepare a playlist of engagement party songs.

3. Oldies but goodies

It's great to see couples' TBTs come to life. Most of your guests will be old high school or grade school friends. Get your friends and family to dust off their old (depending on the decade of your childhood) neon leggings, parachute pants, or hyper-color T-shirts. Ensure that your playlist follows suit. A nostalgic trip down memory lane never fails to make you smile.

4. Go, Team!

It's great to treat yourself by spending money on an experience that you would otherwise avoid. It is fun for everyone to participate in pre-wedding festivities that feature their favorite sports team, regardless of what you assume. The stadium food and drinks, the cheering fans, and Gary Glitter's Hey Song won't put off even those who've never watched a game before. After watching that buzzer-beater, they'll be standing on their feet. Your sense of bonding will be strong as you head home.

5. Go Camping

There is nothing better than an outdoor engagement party idea. Enjoy a day outdoors with friends, canoeing, party games, and smores. Keeping this casual event means you should use something other than a tent; choose a fully furnished cabin/cottage rental instead. Keep everyone entertained throughout the night with enough food, drinks, music, and games.

6. Sunset Beach

Spend the day tanning, talking, and running around a beach that allows BBQs. Surprise everyone with an epic dance at the reception by lighting a fire when the sun goes down. There is always some entertainment at the best parties. Several drinks later, everyone will enjoy the whole experience.

7. String Lights and Photos

Adding string lights to a party makes it warmer and more inviting. Use photos of you and your partner to give them even more pop. Your guests can take pictures throughout the night by hanging their pictures from the lights. At the same time, you have Polaroid cameras out during your party. You'll be glad to execute this engagement party idea since you'll have a nice souvenir to take home.

8. Party on the Rooftop

Rooftop parties are an absolute must-do if you have yet to experience them! It is incredible how a rooftop party can bring both peace and excitement at the same time. You have a private table with your own wait staff at the top of a skyscraper, so the excitement comes from the atmosphere. Being invisible to the world almost feels like you're doing something wrong. Seeing all those lights as the sun sets is humbling as you look out across the massive city. Any gathering would be perfect in this setting.

9. Wine Testing with Tropical Celebration

Consider celebrating your engagement at a vineyard if you get engaged in the fall. Besides toasting your news, the party will also give you and your friends a chance to take beautiful pictures together while sipping your favorite wines. If you want to be extra special, you can arrange a bus or limousine to take you and your guests there. An engagement dinner on the beach would be ideal for someone who lives in a beach town. Create dreamy canopies over each table by setting up tables and accenting them with candles.

10. Have a Surprise Party

Your new fiancé will love an engagement party if you love surprises! Choosing between a restaurant and a home party is the first step. Then, let your friends and loved ones know about the party in secret. Last but not least, think of a way to throw your SO off the trail so you can surprise them when you arrive without them realizing what's happening.

11. A whimsical outdoor celebration

Make the most of the beautiful weather if you get engaged in the spring or summer with an outdoor dinner party. Don't just have a dinner party. Make it whimsical. You can make it even more enchanting by setting your table under a tree. When eating, tie kids' small glass bottles filled with pink, red, and white flowers to branches so they will sway in the wind.

12. Carnival celebrations

Carnival-themed engagement parties are perfect for playful couples. Guests can play games such as ring toss, popcorn machines, and cotton candy spinners. Guests can even bring tickets to get in if you send them ticket-themed invites.

13. Superhero party

Plan a superhero party instead of a traditional party. Create superhero cocktails, send out invitations that match the theme, have props you can hold in photos, display signs dressed as superheroes, and more! Wearing superhero costumes to your party will make everyone feel like they are part of the action.

14. Pancake party

Pancakes are for everyone, regardless of age! Enjoy pancakes and pajamas at the coziest engagement party ever. Breakfast in your PJs will be the perfect way to share your exciting engagement news with your family and friends in the morning. From blueberry to chocolate chip to original, make sure you offer all kinds of pancake flavors!

15. Rom-Com Movie Screening

Celebrate some of Hollywood's best on-screen love matches before you. During your engagement party, show a romantic comedy. You can even create a movie about your love story to show your friends and family. Taking the time to look back at where you started and the memories you've made together can be incredibly rewarding.

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A Guide To Planning An Ultimate Engagement Party

Engagement parties are traditionally planned and hosted by the bride's parents. The father's role isn't traditional in modern families, so it's perfectly fine to skip this tradition. They may also prefer to complete another task instead of accepting the invitation.

To ensure a successful engagement party, follow the steps below

  • Choose your host
  • Decide on a date you can stick to
  • Make a list of guests
  • Consider the size of your guest list when choosing a venue
  • Make sure your registry is budget-friendly
  • Invite your friends. A Facebook event or an email will be enough for this smaller group
  • Decide what you will serve and how you will present it


The engagement party ideas here should inspire you, help you get started, and answer the question, "What is an engagement party?" It can be stressful to plan an engagement party, but remember that you're celebrating your love — so don't let the stress get the better of you! Take a look at other eVentGuru experiences for more engagement party ideas.