A fun Thanksgiving party is also known as a Friendsgiving party. It is one of the biggest family holidays yet the most delicious party. It falls on the fourth Thursday of November every year! Bringing a lot of delicious food, fun, and epic get-togethers.

People also call it Turkey Day because Turkey is the official and traditional dinner dish and has its own traditions. So whether you're hosting a grand Thanksgiving party or a small, intimate one, these planning tips below will help you. You can also start sending your Thanksgiving cards by including RSVPs from our custom online invitation. Let's plan to throw a fun Thanksgiving party with these points.

Some Tips to Make Your Thanksgiving a Memorable One

But before that, how do you host a Thanksgiving party? Please follow the below steps to throw a fantastic party this Turkey Day.

  • Create a guest list in advance with the help of eVentGuru's guest list feature
  • Send the custom online invitation to your guest list with our invitation feature, which enables you to track the RSVPs
  • Choose a venue from our venue list
  • Select a theme and ideas
  • Create a Thanksgiving menu
  • Go for a shopping based on the theme and menu. Also, to avoid the heavy crowds, go early and shop in advance
  • Select the table settings
  • Hand picks some party games

1. Theme For Thanksgiving

With the help of themes, you can take a small, normal party to something fun and extravagant. It is a fantastic way to make memories on the table of this annual celebration. The theme will make your party more fun and less overwhelming. Some famous themes are:

  • Glitter and gold
  • Fresh from the farmer's market
  • Pastel pumpkin party
  • Formal cocktail hour
  • Pie swap
  • Rustic farmhouse
  • Picnic theme
  • Traditional harvest
  • Grace it white
  • Autumn hues, spice & everything nice
  • Festive fall foliage
  • Burgundy and brass

With the help of these themes, make your dinner fun and something different and unexpected. Although there are several ways to celebrate it, adding themes is a fun way to add other elements to this holiday season.

2. Dinner Ideas for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, try some new dinner ideas. After you select your theme, select some dinner options because the theme you pick will decide the dinner dishes, party menu, decorations, and party games. Use these tips for your dinner night.

  • Make a signature cocktail
  • Cook a turkey dish
  • Make a cheesecake
  • Add some friendly dishes
  • Arrange a hot cocoa bar

These recipes will help you make your dinner night extravagant. For example, Gluten-free Greek Turkey Breast, Stuffed turkey tenderloins with cherries and pancetta, asparagus tart, loaded smashed brussels sprouts, pumpkin zucchini bread, quinoa stuffing, fiesta pear dessert, apple salad with maple vinaigrette. Also, remember to set up the buffet-style dinner. It will help them serve themselves.

3. Create a menu

When you are creating a menu, keep it simple and trust it. Try some signature dishes such as turkey, apple pie, etc. You can also save some signature drinks like a batch of apple cider cocktails, harvest punch, pomegranate martini, or green apple Moscato sangria.

Make two grocery lists, one perishable and one nonperishable, to make your shopping more convenient and storing easier. For items like nonperishable, it can be purchased a week or two in advance. In contrast, perishable items should be purchased a day before dinner.

Buy your turkey in advance because, in the end time, you won’t find it. Finally, remember to arrange some desserts. You can also ask your guests if you want a potluck party for desserts. It will be fun, and everyone will come up with different desserts. Some famous desserts for Thanksgiving are cookies, cheesecakes, dessert bars, brownies, pies, and some turkey cupcakes.

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4. Table Setting for Thanksgiving

A beautifully set table can make any occasion more memorable and happening. And a small table setup is a cherry on ice cream for your Thanksgiving party. Our impressive ideas for your table setting will wow guests. Try settings like serving 101, cupcake tier, twine for napkins, leaf table runner, napkin rings, printed name cards, white pumpkins, packet placemats, etc.

Some popular table setting ideas for Thanksgiving are Go Mad for plaid, include a centerpiece, cue the copper, use good China crockery, add warm colors to give a woodsy vibe, repurpose a wreath, play with colors, add some pumpkins in the decorations, and put a three-tier cupcake stand. Moreover, you can try some DIY projects with the help of kids and friends.

Don't forget to set up the kid's table. It will give your little guests their own space to enjoy with their cousins and friends at a separate place.

5. Decoration for Thanksgiving

Love all those glitzy things? Transform your Thanksgiving party venue into a unique masterpiece. For decorations, you can draw inspiration from fall leaves to bountiful harvest, traditional ideas such as balloons, white pumpkins, thanksgiving centerpieces, pumpkin lanterns, and cozy throw blankets, with the addition of some festive accents. There are some essential items that you need for Thanksgiving decoration; those items are the centerpiece, tablecloths, table runners, place cards, plates, serving platters, napkins with napkin rings, wreaths, turkeys, cornucopia, pumpkins, garlands, pillows, wall décor, welcome mat, area rug, fall candle, faux fur throw blanket, and don't forget that disposable tableware.

6. Party Games for Thanksgiving

When it comes to games, you can play several rounds, but with our handy list of games for adults and kids, your party will be more fun, and nobody will get bored! So grab this list of games and prepare yourself.

7. Games for adults:

include Thanksgiving trivia, turkey waddle, parade drinking, Thanksgiving bingo, guess the sentence, spin-the-pie, pumpkin checkers, feed the turkey, would you rather, face the pie, etc.

8. Games for Kids:

Turkey tag, puzzles, scavenger hunt, thankful jar, shooter game, DIY projects, online memory games, art contest, pilgrims and native Americans, sack race, leg wrap, etc.

9. Games for Families:

Find the turkey, charades, family feud, bell jingler, touch the wood tag, scrabble anyone, family football game, scavenger hunt, peanuts party, pie party, board games, jokes, and fun facts printable, would you rather game, trivia night, etc.

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Party Favors for Thanksgiving

Party favors add a special touch to your Thanksgiving party. Add them to your table settings or give them to your guest's hand. It will help you show your gratitude with a small token of thanks. Some ideas you can try for party favors are edible items, such as Cranberry apple cider mix, caramel apple in a jar, candy cornucopia, Resse pieces turkeys, jellybeans pumpkins, DIY bread loaf Place cards, and mini pie place cards. You can also give coloring placemats, personalized gift items, miniature frames, small stuffed turkeys, crocheted turkey hats, homemade dreamcatchers, crockery sets, shareable playlists, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thanksgiving Party

1. When should I start planning for the Thanksgiving party?

You should start planning one or two months prior because there are a lot of tasks you need to do, such as planning the menu, sending invitations, shopping, etc.

You can use our guest list feature to create a list. Afterward, you can send invitations with RSVP to your list.

Things include date, time, location, RSVP, dress code, and any special instructions, such as if they need to bring any dish for a potluck in your invitation. Also, don’t forget to mention those special terms and conditions.

The traditional Thanksgiving menu contains turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and side dishes like sweet potatoes and green beans. Also, don’t forget to add cupcakes and apple pie for dessert.

You can express your thank you feeling to your guest with the help of personalized note favors and express your gratitude for their presence through a sweet speech.