Boo-to-you! Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween party is back. It is a seasonal party event in the Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Orlando, every year from mid-August till Halloween night. In this event, people dress up in Mickey and Minnie with a Halloween twist. They attain the special themed activities that are offered during the party. It is also known as MNSSHP.

Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween party

In this guide, you will find everything related to Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween party, from the dates to costs, tips, events, activities, and more faqs. All these things will help you plan your first or next MNSSHP holiday.

When it comes?

The Mickey not-so-scary Halloween party starts somewhere between mid-August. It continues till Halloween night or ends on the 1st of November, and the cost starts from $109 to $199 per person, depending on the dates and availability.

What are some famous activities you can enjoy?

Walt Disney Magic Kingdom has many activities to experience during the Mickey not-so-scary Halloween party. Here are some famous activities that you can enjoy at your Halloween event.

  • Boo-to-you Halloween party
  • Not-so-spooky spectacular fireworks
  • Hocus pocus villain spectacular show
  • The cadaver dans
  • The trick-and-treat

Apart from these events, there are some adventurous things you can do, such as riding the rides at the kingdom and enjoying these popular attractions, such as Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Peter Pan’s fight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Swiss Family Treehouse, Astro orbiter, Prince charming regal carrousel, mad tea party with Halloween twist, and many more.

How does the Disney Magic Kingdom make it so unique?

If you’re a Disney fan, this event is especially for you because it is an extravaganza event that offers a unique and enchanting experience of Disney World. It makes it more unique with the below things.

  • The spooky transformation of the magic kingdom.
  • The entertainment is based on a Halloween theme. 
  • Enjoy the delightful experience of trick-or-treat adventure for your sweet tooth. 
  • Enjoy the character meets and greets events with Mickey and Minnie. 
  • Go to the Space Mountain Ghose Galaxy to enjoy the haunted mansion activities.
  • Wear something related to Halloween but with a twist of Mickey and Minnie. 
  • Enjoy the themed food and beverages along with the special treat of Poison Apple. 

Tips for Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party night

As you’re stepping into the world of this world-famous Halloween party, you need to know some tips because this is a place where Disney magic gets involved with the spooky spirit of Halloween. The venue will be filled with adventure, lasting memories, and enchantment. So, whether you’re a first-time goer or a seasoned party-goer, these tips will help you make your event holiday more memorable.

  • Give yourself a reality check rather than creating unrealistic expectations for individual guests.
  • Ensure you create a short to-do list of experiences and activities you don’t want to miss.
  • You should take a relaxed afternoon break before going to a party. And if you’re going with the kids, ensure they rest well.
  • The official entry starts at 7 pm, but be an early bird and enter the magic kingdom at 4 pm. You can use that time to get your wristbands, grab dinner, collect maps, and even get some rides.
  • Be flexible with their schedule; there might be chances that activities such as fireworks, parades, and live shows get canceled or delayed due to weather.

Is Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party worth it?

So, what do you think about attending Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party?

Yes, it is absolutely worth it because it stands out as a valuable experience, along with the introduction of Genie+. The activities and experiences justify the hype of the event. If you have kids who have early bedtimes and are missing the fun, you can extend your stay with an additional day on a multi-day ticket. It will provide value to your family and the amount you spend on your ticket.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Halloween Party

1. How does Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween party work?

Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party is a separate party that runs on selected dates every year. The event offers several different options in entertainment and food, along with dedicated merchandise.

The top attractions of MNSSHP are Space Mountain with a Halloween twist, under the Sea- Journey of a Little Mermaid, The Magic Carpet of Aladdin, Peter Pan’s fight, Jungle Cruise, haunted mansion, etc.

All the parties will start from 7 pm till midnight.

No, the party is not free of cost. It is a separate event that requires tickets, as it is hosted after the park is closed.

Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween party happens at the Walk Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. So, if you’re a fan of this party, check out our Disney Halloween cruises today. It allows you to enjoy your sea holidays to the fullest!

When discussing crowds, Disney limits the number of tickets they sell per event. So their guests can relax and enjoy more in lower crowd levels than in regular parks.