Trolley Barn 963 Edgewood Avenue, NE Atlanta, GA 30307

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The lovely brick patio surrounded by lush gardens and graceful granite steps is a perfect place to host your ceremony or welcome your guests to your special event. The inside of The Trolley Barn with its 30 foot ceiling spanned by the original 1889 beams is an architectural gem. The mesquite wood floor is excellent for dancing. The Trolley Barn can be dressed up for your special day or left as is displaying its timeless beauty. For a change of pace just two miles east of Atlanta’s downtown business district, The Trolley Barn is a perfect place to hold your corporate event. Large enough to create different areas for presentations, team-building exercises, break-out sessions or whatever your company is looking to achieve. The building is an architectural gem and features a large bricked patio off the main hall. The patio is surrounded by gardens and includes an outdoor bar—a perfect spot for cocktail hour. We welcome non-profit events and would love the opportunity to talk with you about your plans and needs. Please contact us directly to discuss details.

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