It's time to address the current debate circling everyone's mind in the new year. In 2023, what will be the most popular wedding trends? It brings the whole celebration up a notch when couples incorporate these trends into their wedding celebrations.

The 2023 Top 13 Wedding Trends You Need to Know

Every wedding deserves the 'X Factor' of these trends. A traditional wedding remains the same, bfweut specific trends have changed. It's partly because people's spending habits change constantly. For 2023, we predict the following wedding trends! 

Outdoor Weddings

There is no end to outdoor weddings even after all COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted. Getting married outside is now legal, and ceremony location rules are expected to loosen even more. The weather is no longer a concern for couples as much as it once was. It's your love that matters in the end. There is no denying that the British weather can be unpredictable, even when things seem to be going well. Be prepared just in case the heavens open if you follow this outdoor wedding trend!

Outfits & Hair Changes

It's been a while since brides changed their outfits on the big day. A bridal sweat suit allows brides to dance the night away easily while wearing a short dress for the reception. After the vows, why not switch things up? The first dance is a great time to debut a fresh haircut between the ceremony and the reception.

Micro Weddings

Weddings with at most 40 guests are considered micro weddings. Whether they are traditional or unique, they can be a reflection of the couple. A micro wedding has the main advantage of being more relaxed and focused on family and friends. A smaller wedding allows the couple to spend more time with their guests. You can also spend more on each guest per head without cutting back elsewhere in your budget.


Flowers throughout a wedding have become increasingly popular as brides think about sustainability. They might use artificial flowers instead of live blooms or pop bouquets into flower arrangements for the top table. By 2023, an eco-friendly menu will also be available. It's on-trend 2023 to eat local, ethically sourced food and minimize waste.

Males of Honor

Unable to see one another for so long makes it natural that we want to expand our bridal party. Mates, males of honor, flower boys, and flower girls might be substituted for maids, groomsmen, and flower girls. You might see some women or men at a bachelor party or bachelorette. Getting together with traditional people is more important than following tradition.

Embroidered Veils

Couples have incorporated subtle references to their lives into weddings for several years. Still, in recent years, they have gotten creative. Embroidered veils are the most popular way to do this.

In recent years, brides like Kourtney Kardashian have tattooed their new husband's heads onto their veils. Some have been subtler. Kelsey Alexander, the wife of bridal wear designer Justin Alexander, had her initials embroidered within a heart on her veil. The options are endless when customizing your veil; you can find some online.

Sweetheart Table

Why not opt for a sweetheart table on your wedding day if you're looking for something a bit less traditional and more intimate? The popularity of this choice is expected to continue in 2023. The day will sink in a little better as you have a private conversation as newlyweds!

There is nothing like a little reset, especially when you are in high demand, and weddings can be overwhelming! You and your partner will share a sweetheart table rather than having a large table with family and close friends. There will be a different seat for them in this instance. It's an excellent alternative to the top table if your group is too large or you want to avoid awkward family dramas.

Direct Flash Photography

Get ready for the photography of 2023. The direct flash method. Compared to the famous film photography style, this type of photography uses a flash directly at the subject. They look fantastic and give a spontaneous feel. You'll be able to find inspiration on social media sites if you need some for your photographer.

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A Bold Color Scheme

Color palettes are a big trend for 2023. Pastel shades and white dresses are out. Color schemes that reflect a couple's personality are becoming more popular.

Think outside the box when picking your wedding colors in 2023. You can do whatever you want. Need help deciding what colors to use? The right vendor can help you achieve your goals.

Pearls Everywhere

Pearls will be everywhere at wedding venues in 2023 as one of the wedding decor trends. Everything from the cake to the dress. Add a touch of bling to your wedding day with pearls. The classic statement piece goes with almost anything or can be worn as an accent. When it comes to standout bridal looks, pearls are unbeatable. Picking the right size is crucial whether you use pearls on your wedding dress, hair, accessories, or wedding venue. It should also match your wedding theme. The art of using pearls to decorate your venue.

Bridal Suit

A bridal suite is a stylish and classy way for a bride to look trendy and classy. It's a trend that stands out for the bride who prefers to stand out. Bridal suits are more elegant and classy, with few accessories. Wear sparkly short heel shoes and simple accessories with your bridal suit.

Custom Engagement Rings

Celebrities have worn custom engagement rings for decades, and these rings stood out this year. Many consumers have seen companies offering custom engagement rings through ring builders where you choose the diamond and setting. Still, only a few online companies offer custom engagement rings wholly tailored to their clients.

By doing so, you can create your engagement ring from scratch and incorporate elements of each Pinterest engagement ring inspiration picture into your ring. This gives you a personal experience as you design your ring according to your specifications. Recent years have witnessed a huge increase in the popularity of creating your engagement ring rather than buying a pre-made one.

Seasonal Wildflower

You do not have to repurchase seasonal wildflowers because many have a long blooming season. Combine wildflowers and greenery for a unique look. These can be used as centerpieces, table accents, and capes. Using larkspur, daisies, sunflowers, and zinnias for spring or summer weddings. Decorate your table or bouquet with them. A white wedding would benefit from white hydrangeas, whereas a gold wedding would benefit from yellow roses. Choose red roses for a modern look. Decorate the aisle with flowers. Weddings used not to be considered elegant, but things are changing fast. Wedding centerpieces and floral arrangements are increasingly made of potted plants. Making pots reflect a couple's style is as easy as getting creative.


Here are the top 13 wedding trends to watch in 2023. Next year will bring us even more exciting things! Is your wedding scheduled for 2023? Keep checking back to our blog for all your wedding inspiration.