When planning a conference, the theme is important because it gives you and your company fresh and new branding and immerses your audience in something different. This guide will help you with tips on choosing trending conference themes for your next corporate events.

What is a Conference Theme, and Why is it Important?

A theme drives an event's overall tone, set-up, and outcomes. It offers structure, inspires your attendees with your message, and gives them a memorable experience.

Plan your theme with the audience in mind!

The most important thing to consider is your audience. Since the conference is for them, you must keep them in mind. So, as much as your event should be informational, it should also be fun, creative, and exciting. Thus, selecting a theme that points to a specific topic with doors to different interpretations is essential. This will make your event more engaging and exciting for your audience.

Tailor it to your brand. 

Events reflect your brand. So, use both the theme and a tagline to communicate your message. Take some time and think about your brand so that you can focus on your brand’s core values and mission statement. Don’t be afraid to expand your company’s vision, especially during brainstorming. Develop an event branding list that will be easy for your audience to understand.  

Brainstorm themes and taglines.

Discussing themes and taglines among your team is essential to brainstorming them. You’d be surprised by how differently each person thinks and what they can contribute to the discussion. The perfect theme may not come from one person, it will come by combining multiple ideas. Also, ask them to pick a tagline and hashtag for social media marketing before and during the event. Even if you don’t use that tagline, brainstorming sessions will help you maintain focus and make critical decisions.

Choose Strategically

Consider your event strategy after you brainstorm your ideas. For example, a multi-day theme is unsuitable if you’re having a one-day event. However, you also need to consider your event venue. Compare your ideas with other events in the past as well as in the market. Ask your team to do some research and check out some trends. You can also brainstorm what kind of keynote speakers and exhibitors you want for your event.

Keep it Consistent!

So, we guess you have selected your theme, so now it’s time to let your attendees know your theme. So, design your social media posts, pamphlets, invites, and emails and send them to your audience with a proper tagline and event theme. If you’ve selected the best theme, you don’t need to explain it to everyone. Thus, keep it consistent, or your strong branding and smart planning will go into the water.

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Find the right theme for your next event today!

Remember to plan no matter which theme you choose for your corporate event. Your attendees will effectively appreciate your extra efforts to create a unique and memorable experience. If you need assistance selecting a theme, go to our blog section and read our other blog posts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trending Conference Themes for Corporate Events

1. Why is it important to choose a trending theme for your corporate events?

Choosing a trending theme for your next corporate event to make it more appealing, relevant, and engaging for attendees. It will create a buzz around your event.

Popular themes depend on market updates, but some evergreen ideas include digital transformation, sustainable initiatives, innovation and technology, wellness, and work-life balance.

You can combine multiple themes to create a unique and engaging event. Just ensure you don’t mix too many themes, as it might confuse the message.

There are various communication channels to communicate the theme with your attendees. You can share on channels such as social media marketing, email marketing, and promotional materials to convey the theme’s message.