Well, since the coronavirus outbreak, hosting social events safely has been a significant concern. Since hosting a social event can never be entirely risk-free during these unprecedented times, one must follow some new usual standards.

We know that social events are a big no-no these days, but having some level of normalcy in our lives is not bad. Social events ensure human connection (not contact), and after a decade-long ‘worldwide lockdown’, it has become necessary for people to connect.

Social distancing is one of the practices, and there are other precautions and safety measures that the guests and the host at the event must follow without fail. Let us know about 10 tips to host events while still practicing social distancing in detail safely: 

Staying Socially Distant while Hosting Social Events

Following the guidelines provided by your local public health officials is a must. You must know all the rules and regulations before hosting the event. The tips mentioned here are generic and might differ according to your state your country. 

Limit the Number of Guests

Public health officials have emphasized that there should be a certain number of guests if you have to host an event. And, this goes without saying that you need to limit the number of your guests and, most probably, try to invite those in your social bubble. Inviting large numbers would increase the risk of virus transmission. 

PRO TIP: Before inviting people over, check your local public health department’s website for the permissible limit at a social event.

Set Up a Sanitizing Station 

A sanitizing or handwashing station at the entrance will significantly help control the spread. Before any guest enters the venue, he must get sanitized adequately from head to toe and wash his hands.

Keep one-use paper towels or tissue papers and set up their proper disposal in recycling bins. Proper disposal is a significant step. Otherwise, your guests may throw the used papers on the floor, increasing the chances of virus transmission.

If you are willing to be extra cautious, place sanitizer bottles or sprays on each table to use them often. 

Provide One-Time Use Masks

Although people carry their own masks these days, just to be on the safer side, you can keep using masks at the entrance for the forgetful people.

Do not allow guests to enter without a mask; keep a watchful eye if they do not wear a mask once they enter the venue. It is your social event, and as a host, you must protect the people who’ve joined your event.

Hence, make sure everyone is masked before or after entering the venue.

Temperature Check Station 

A temperature check of every guest is a must. No one with a temperature of 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit or above should be allowed to enter the venue.

To be doubly sure, you can perform a second screening of all the guests before allowing them to enter the venue. This is necessary to control the spread and ensure that your other guests are safe and secure while attending your event.

Open fewer or Single Bathroom For Guests

Usage of bathrooms becomes an issue if all the guests are not careful. Hosting a social event is itself a task, let alone bathroom hygiene.

Since we can’t be present everywhere at once, it is better to open a few or single bathrooms for guest usage. Place single-use paper towels, and instead of soap bars, keep handwash bottles. Add friendly reminders on the mirror and the entry door to wear a mask and sanitize your hands.

Choose a Venue Outside Your House 

Indoor gatherings, including you and your family, put your house at risk. Choosing a venue near your house but far enough to stop guests from getting direct access to your home is wise.

And, if you choose to host the event at your house, try and make the guests concentrate at once by putting drinks, fire pits, and more. Always open all your doors and windows to ensure fresh air flow. Forbid guests from entering your bedrooms! 

Always Use Disposables

Instead of using your own plates, use disposables. You can also use rented china or silverware but check that the rented ones are well-sanitized.

You don’t have to wash the utensils later, but it prevents the virus from entering your home. Rented or disposables help keep the virus outside of your home. You can contact your local or nearby rental company that drops and picks up their items once your event is over.

Go Contactless if Possible 

Your event should be organized so that people have no or lesser time to contact each other.

The fewer the chances of contact, the lesser will be the chances of the virus spreading. If there are certain unavoidable circumstances by chance, there should be hand sanitizers at hand for the guests to use often. 

Adequate Seating Arrangement 

As you can see, middle seats have been eliminated in most public places. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you place the seats so that the guests can practice social distancing while attending your event.

You can place any two chairs opposite to each other if it is a round table. Similarly, you can keep a distance if a linear seating arrangement allows your guests to be comfortable and cautiously practice social distancing. 

Have Individual Food Servings 

Buffets or food stations at an event make sharing utensils and passing on dishes. To avoid this, prepare a meal and pack for your guests.

Individual food servings also help the host become a little creative in giving a fine dining experience amidst the chaos of the pandemic. Individually plated food is the new normal at any event as it helps curb the spread of the virus.

Hosting an event is an arduous task for you. If you follow the above tips, you’ll indeed have a successful event and be awarded the best host ever (Just kidding).

Corona or not, commemorating the best moments is what we can do to make our transition to the new normal a little easier.