If you got a chance to celebrate your birthday pre-pandemic, you might be lucky enough, as things changed after the pandemic. It might make you feel sad, but it’s true. It doesn’t matter if you’re unable to celebrate your birthday with tons of your friends and colleagues or go out to a crowded place such as a concert or bar; there are still plenty of things you might want to try on your upcoming birthday.

Thus, we have sorted the top 15 pandemic-proof birthday party ideas for you, including physical and outdoor activities and some b’day freebies! Trust us! You will be glad you found a way to celebrate your birthday post-pandemic, and that according to your taste and mindset!

15 Birthday Party Trends Ideas for Post-Pandemic Celebrations

1. Outdoor party’s rock!

COVID-19 has even changed the way you party indoors! So instead of partying indoors, arrange an outdoor party such as in your backyard or in the garden—ideally, one with ventilated public restrooms and picnic tables. Or set everything in your yard with easy access to the restroom. Also, put some extra disposal masks, tissues, and sanitizers, and don’t hesitate to ask everyone to wear their masks.

2. Arrange a neighborhood food truck party!

Potluck or bringing their own food to the party is quite traditional now! Let someone else do the lifting stuff. Find a suitable and hygienic food truck. Food truck customers can easily follow the social distancing while waiting for the food to be prepared.

3. Drive-in movie

The most convenient way to arrange a drive-in movie party is to go to the drive-in theater. You can start your party at home, do all the cake-cutting and usual party things, and then visit your concession stand and fill a basket with treats, candies, and popcorn before heading to the drive-in theater.

4. Themed party

Turn those tedious virtual calls into something more memorable with theme parties. A themed party is always a great idea, from birthday parties to holiday parties. Choose a theme and send out a menu in advance. For example, you can have Mexican Fiesta, Asian Fusion, casino Vegas, backyard farm-to-table dinners, and more themes. Also, consider making a playlist and a costume party.

5. Schedule tasting drinks

If you’re an adult, arrange a cocktail party or wine-tasting party for your birthday. Invite them to your place or backyard for a tasting party. You can even download some new cocktail or wine-making recipes online and make one for your friends and family to try. Ensure that you keep limited flavors so everyone can test your new drink.

6. Go to a sporting event

If you’re a massive sports fan and want to visit any sporting event, take a cutout of yourself. Put that cutout and keep it in the stadium that way. Even though you can’t physically be there, you can still be there. Even you can have a few cutouts of your family and friends to look like a family outing. And when the event is broadcast on TV, make sure you spot yourself in the stands.

7. Picture perfect backdrops

At any party, an essential thing is pictures. Everyone is looking for a fabulous selfie or portrait picture for their news feed. Thus, picture-perfect backdrops or photo props are now on a colossal trend. They can turn old and dull walls into amazing ones. For example, turn your wall or arrange a stand in your backyard based on party themes such as gaming, TV series, movie character, vintage, retro, royalty, or other classic backdrops. 

8. Take an adventure tour.

In case your birthday falls in hot summer, consider celebrating it outdoors! You and your friends can sleep under the stars, open the sky, bone fire, and get some fresh air. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be a unique treat for you by yourself. For fun, you can also go for a trek, kayaking, or mountain biking. And who will not love to celebrate their birthday around a campfire?

9. Hiring a photo booth

A photo booth at an event or party lets you keep memories for years, so hire a photo booth instead of going to the mall or any place for clicking photos. Several companies in the market offer services like photo booths. They provide complete accessories or add-ons and arrange things based on your party theme. The most important thing about photo booths today is that they have evolved so significantly. You can also ask them about classic booths such as GIF booths, mirror booths, 360 photo booths, and mosaic photo booths.

10. Have a virtual birthday brunch

If you are not a brunch fan, host one for your birthday! Invite all your friends and ask them to jump on a Zoom call with their favorite brunch foods and mimosas. Even you can order all the same meals. Nevertheless, having a brunch birthday will be almost as good as going out during COVID-19.

11. Send a Piñata-gram

Sending a piñata-gram is in trend. So send a piñata-gram to your guests along with an invite filled with candies. It will be something totally unexpected that they will love.

12. Outdoor paintball celebration

Arrange a paintball party in your backyard. It will be one of the most entertaining party ideas because it is excellent for people who like action, competition, skill, and strategy.

13. Birthday scavenger hunt

Instead of getting bored and making faces as you’re stuck in the house due to COVID-19, you better make the most of it by thinking outside the box and getting creative. With a birthday scavenger hunt, you can enjoy your b-day. Simply invite your friends or ask your roommates to place their hide their gifts around the house; you will take an around and search for them. It will make your pandemic b-day more fun.

14. Pamper yourself

Pamper oneself never goes wrong, and that too on a birthday; it’s worth doing. That’s why treat yourself to a full-day spa or do something like taking a bubble bath and enjoy a no-stress day by avoiding the whole world.

15. Host a costume party.

A costume party in the backyard can never go outdated! So say bye-bye to loungewear and say hello to dress-up. Arrange a theme party and ask your guests to dress up according to it. It’ll be a good reason for you and everyone you invite to get dressed up and celebrate your birthday.

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Bonus: Don’t forget those freebies!

We’ve compiled a list of the best birthday freebies, from meals to discounts, coupons, deals, and more. So ask your guests to close their eyes and make a wish – it just might come true in one. You can give freebies such as Beauty hampers, retail hampers, and free birthday meals.

Bottom lines

Stay safe and feel good at the same is quite impossible. Still, with the above ideas, you will be safe and celebrate your birthday without any interruption. Also, remember to follow COVID-19 guidelines such as social distancing, wearing masks, keeping your gathering small, and checking their temperature when they come for the party.