Do you know that the Pokémon franchise is the world’s largest game franchise and is popular among kids? Kids of all ages love Pokémon for many different reasons, including a birthday party theme. So, catch our easy Pokémon party ideas for the big day!

Pokemon Themed Birthday Party Ideas: 10 Cool Ideas

We’ve gathered the 10 best Pokémon birthday party ideas to get you started planning an epic Pokémon gathering.

1. Pokeball invitations

Send your guests Pokeball invitations to grab their attention. You can use various templates available in the market or online and take a printout. Along with invitations, send some Pokémon master gears and hats. Everyone will feel that they will be adventuring on the island of Pokémon with those party hats, Pikachu hoods, and wristbands.

2. Pokémon  party backdrop

Let your birthday boy and his friends enjoy the theme by making a Pokémon backdrop or photo booth. You will need some Pokémon props and a Pokémon theme backdrop. The props can be the characters, headbands, masks, or signs with some iconic Pokémon catchphrases.

3. Pokémon  theme piñata

Pokémon Piñatas are the perfect touch for your child’s birthday party! You can even choose a Pokeball piñata for your party game. Guests will pull the ribbons to open the door of treats. Add miniature Pokémon characters, candies, and some gift cards for treats. The kids will surely love it!

4. Pikachu Balloons

Decorate the whole venue with Pokémon-themed balloons, especially Pikachu. It is the staple item for any Pokémon party. Consider using a helium tank to make the setup more attractive and the process more manageable. You can also use those balloons as the table’s centerpiece by attaching a ribbon and scattering them throughout the room and at the main entrance. Also, don’t forget to create a garland out of those balloons.

5. Food or energy counter

Turn your food counter into lots of Pokémon theme treats and energy cards. Add some Pokémon shapes sugar cookies and some Pokémon fruit snacks. For snacks, buy Pokémon decorated ramen noodles, which can fit any party well. And having a Japanese dish for a Japanese anime party can be a great idea. Don’t forget to have some delicious Pokémon character cookies such as Pikachu, Bulbasaur, or Charmander. Even those macarons will look more delicious on your dessert table with the faces of their favorite Pokémon character.

6. Pokémon  Piñata Cake

Always consider a Piñata cake a showstopping cake for every theme. It may be hard to make one at home, but you can order it from the nearby bakery or ask any of your friends to bake one for your child. Decorate the cake with miniature Pokémon, color scheme, and design. Don’t forget to fill the inner portion with miniature figurines and candies. Also, add Pokémon birthday candles to the theme cake.

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7. Cupcakes and pops

Cupcakes are the most delicious treat you can serve on your kid’s birthday! Every child is fond of cupcakes. Decorate it with sprinkles and lots of frosting, along with cake pops. You can even decorate or bake those treats in the shape of Pokémon or Pokeballs. However, cake pops are the perfect shape to be transformed into Pokeballs. Simply dip one side in red and one in white, and add that signature black detailing in the middle.

8. Activities and games

Get the party going with some exciting games and activities based on the Pokémon theme, such as Pokémon headbands: When your guests enter the venue, give them their Pokémon headbands and ask your guests to RSVP with their favorite Pokémon character and make the headbands before the party? Even you can set up a game of making headbands by going crafter. Pokémon paper lantern: Ask your guests to make a paper lantern, and you will give them a gift. You will have those little crafters and supplies such as white paper lanterns, red paint, and a painter or masking tape for that. Don’t forget some colorful paper.

9. Party favors

Need something to offer the party favors? Fill a Pokémon favor bucket with paper shreds and top it with some favors such as yo-yos, disc shooters, bouncy balls, miniatures Pokémon, reusable Pokémon straws, Pikachu necklaces, Pokémon temporary tattoos or stickers, shoe charms, trading cards, or something similar. Consider giving reusable buckets or cups.

10. Grab party supplies based on the theme

Make your table flash like a Thunderbolt! Light up those little faces with fun Pokémon place settings. Put a Pokémon table cover, and give them Pikachu hats, plates, napkins, blowouts, and favors. It is easy to do and will make you a good table decorator. While the supplies are simple, but going to add value to the overall birthday experience.

End the Party!

End your party by popping a picture into those thank-you notes. It can be a great memento reminding them of the party's fun.