There's no denying that wedding planning can be challenging. Making decisions is always challenging, and they become more complex than expected. It takes a lot of time and energy to coordinate food and drinks. Once your big day rolls around, you'll likely be happy with only getting married, drinking, and dancing.

Bartenders for weddings also require careful consideration. Several things need to be considered. What is your guest count? Do they drink, or are they sober? Will it be an all-inclusive venue or someone's home? What's your budget, of course?

The Best Way to Hire a Bartender for Your Wedding

Your big-day bartending service will depend on your answers to these questions. Here are some questions you should ask when you find the perfect wedding bartender.

It's Full Service or Individual - Which is Best?

From full bar setup to bartending services. Individual bartenders provide service, and full service includes setup and breakdown. Your wedding venue should be decided first.

You need bartending service when hosting at home or outdoors. Going 100% DIY, you may be tempted to rotate a few friends to tend the bar, but that's not as smart as it sounds. Involving guests on such an emotional day can create chaos due to miscommunication. And if they drink? Legal issues may arise.

Your wedding party will be more professional and relaxed with a wedding bartender. Having a seamless bar is an essential part of your party.

Book a venue with them. In-house bartenders are available at some venues. You'll have a smooth experience with someone you trust. Alcohol is allowed at some venues; it is not allowed at others.

It's up to you to decide how much DIY you want and how much all-inclusive you need.

Wedding Bartenders: How to Choose?

Besides asking yourself whether you want to offer liquor, you should also ask yourself: should you? Regarding budget-friendly, low-maintenance planning, wine, and beer are great options. While a full-service bar offering cocktails creates a flashier atmosphere, a full-service bar creates a more relaxed atmosphere:

You can also find a more affordable bartender that offers only services if you decide to go the wine and beer route. A full bar requires a full-service company that can provide bartenders, barbacks, servers, and setup and cleanup.

Are you looking for a particular type of service?

You can narrow your choice of bartending services once you know where your wedding is and what kind of bar menu you want to offer.

Several bartending services offer full-service experiences. The bar staff sets up bartending tools, mixers, glassware, ice, and bartending tools early. It is common for them to bring wine, beer, and liquor. A dedicated staff serves guests, and another staff cleans up after the event.

You can select a package from a full-service bartending company that fits your budget. Alternatively, you can hire a bartender solely for service. Your staff members will arrive about half an hour before your event to serve guests at a bar you have set up, clean through the event, and depart when you agree.

Setup and cleanup are typically not offered by these bartenders. You're responsible for renting glasses, stocking ice, chilling wine and beer, and cleaning up afterward. A smaller budget and friends to help clean up make this option affordable.

For bartenders who are great at what they do, ask your venue if they have worked with successful companies. Your caterer can also provide you with this information. A smooth day can be ensured if you hire vendors who have worked together.

How do bartenders differ from one another?

Your business requires a specific kind of bartender when hiring one. You can find a bartender that meets your needs by looking at some of these types:

  • Banquet server: An employee of the wait staff at a hotel, country club, wedding venue, or other significant event serving food and drinks. Taking food and drink orders, refilling buffet food, and pouring champagne are some of the duties associated with this position.
  • Bar manager: Overseeing a bar's budget, staff, and operations. Bartenders and barbacks are hired and trained, inventory and resources are managed, and contracts with suppliers are negotiated.
  • Barback: Performs daily cleaning duties, runs drinks to tables, prepares drink mixes, and assists bartenders with their work.
  • Server: Delivers orders to tables, takes drinks and food orders, and recommends menu items while promoting a welcoming atmosphere. Restaurants and bars are familiar places where he works.

Choosing a Wedding Bartender: Six Things to Consider

Make a list of things you need to consider when hiring a wedding bartender once you've found a list of bartenders you're interested in hiring. It is easier to avoid hiccups if you communicate more often.

Make sure you check with the venue

The first thing you should consider after booking a venue is this. For events like wedding receptions, they may already have a bartender. Insurers restrict who can serve alcohol at venues and caterers for insurance reasons. Alcohol can be purchased off-site by some caterers and venues rather than by others. You must understand the requirements and costs of running a bar. If there are no restrictions on your venue, or you are hosting your event at home or outdoors, then hiring bartending services may be the best option.

Request a price quote

It's time to shop for the perfect bartending service using all the information gathered during planning. Our professional bar staff and tasty drinks are not the only things Peak is known for; we also have excellent customer service and friendly sales vendors! A custom proposal will be sent to you within 1-2 business days of submitting a proposal request. A knowledgeable team member will handle your event's details.

Count your guests

For a 200-guest wedding, you should have three bartenders since 75 guests per bartender is a general rule of thumb. It becomes challenging to perform the father-daughter dance if the dad waits for his drink. Few bartenders can lead to long lines, frustrated guests, and even delays in your reception. When you have too many bartenders, you're wasting money. Consider checking if there are hourly fees and changing the number of bartenders throughout the event.

Ask about insurance

Liquor liability insurance is a requirement regardless of whether you hire an individual or a company. You can learn more about liquor laws in your state by contacting your venue. You can ask individual bartenders to buy one-day event insurance, or they may already have their own.

Ask the right questions

Inquiring about the bartender's professionalism and fit is a great way to find out. Expect questions about pricing, drinks, and expectations. Getting bar service from a professional will ensure everything runs smoothly. Your wedding bartender should answer these questions:

  • Do you charge hourly?
  • How much does a full-service bar cost?
  • How do mixed drinks compare to beer and wine?
  • How many glasses should I get?
  • Is ice needed for drinks?
  • What is the average drink per hour?
  • What are some budget-friendly drinks?
  • Would you mind an open bar?
  • Is there a tip jar?

How much alcohol do you need?

Cocktail hour should include 2 to 3 drinks per person, while the rest of the reception should consist of one drink per person per hour. Decide how the alcohol will be delivered if you purchase it yourself. Make sure you ask about return policies. You can work with a unique sales team at large liquor stores.

A bartender's skills

Bartenders should share their vision of providing first-class customer service and maintaining your company's reputation. Hiring a capable bartender begins with identifying key qualities in candidates. These top bartending skills and qualifications will be reflected in an ideal candidate's work experience and attributes:

  • Alcohol license (if required)
  • POS experience is a plus
  • Mixology expertise
  • Experience managing inventory
  • Interpersonal skills are essential
  • Flexibility
  • Friendliness
  • Multi-tasking ability
  • Sales skills
  • Engage guests with passion
  • Maintaining a positive attitude
Adding up

If you have one, those costs can be compared to the catering company's or venue's estimate. Make sure you know what additional bar costs you'll have to pay, like paper goods, mixers, and glassware. A cocktail hour through reception will require these other items. These different charges determine wedding bartender costs. It's easy for couples to ask their uncle or friend to run the bar. A bartender who is an amateur can cost you both money and legal hassles.

On, you can find great bartending professionals in your area when hiring bartenders for a wedding.