The disco parties are full of fun, music, dance, light, mic, smoke machines, bubbles, and more! It represented the craze of the 1970s and represented the boundary-breaking themes of the decade itself, and brought people together for music and dance.

Some Disco Party Themes to Inspire Your Next Theme Party

Before reading the ideas, let’s discuss how to throw a Disco theme party and what you can wear to a disco theme party.

To throw a disco party, you need to follow these below points.

  • Choose a free venue
  • Get your ‘70s decorations and antiques from thrift or antique stores.
  • Get digital with your invitation
  • Play the musical hits from late ’50 till now
  • Add more and more finger foods
  • Offer the characteristic punch bowl drinks instead of cocktails
  • Decorate the venue with disco balls
  • Get theme-related napkins, silverware, table covers, balloons, and other such party supplies.
  • Rent disco outfits

Outfits you can wear at a disco theme party

When you get too wild for your theme party, your budgets turn upside down. The truth is you can wear the ‘70s outfits without spending too much. For example,

Women can wear:-

  • A Groovy Jumpsuit, Zip Jumpsuit, or Catsuit
  • Flare Jeans And A Tied Crop-Top
  • Hot Pants And Tall Boots
  • Leotards
  • Metallic Dress And Gold Heels
  • Printed Dress And Go-Go Boots
  • Sequin Top And Jeans
  • Slip Dress And Heels
  • The Bandeau Top
  • The Mini-Dress
  • Wrap Dress And Mary Jane Heels

Men can wear:-

  • A disco shirt
  • All-gold disco jacket and trousers
  • Bell-bottom pants
  • Bright colored outfits
  • Casual clothes
  • Flashy clubwear
  • Shearling jackets
  • Studio 54
  • Style like John Travolto
  • Turtlenecks

Accessories for disco theme party:

  • A duplicate mustache
  • Big buckles belt
  • Big goggles and teashades
  • Curly or afro wig
  • Disco hats
  • Go-Go Boots for Women
  • Gold jewelry
  • Neck chains, heavy lockets, and Medallions
  • Platform shoes for men
  • Satin scarves
  • Shoes with soles and heels
  • Wide ties

Apart from the outfits and party planning, you will need some decorating stuff, like,

  • 70s dancer backdrops
  • 70s disco scene setter – wall decorating kit
  • Disco badges/buttons
  • Disco ball light
  • Disco ball whirls
  • Disco balloons
  • Disco foil swirls
  • Disco-theme paper plates, napkins, and other cutlery
  • Disco twirls and swirls
  • Fever cutouts
  • Gold triangle banner
  • Let’s boogie banner
  • Metallic shimmering tinsel curtains
  • Mini cascade centerpiece
  • Party banner
  • Plastic table cover
  • Silver disco mirror ball – big and small
  • Stars and bands poster of the 70s
  • String Decoration
  • Ultimate ‘70s hits till now
  • Wall backdrops

The Disco Menu

  • Casseroles of various kinds
  • Chocolate fondue with fruit and cheese
  • Crackers and dip
  • Deviled eggs
  • Fondue with seafood, beef, and chicken
  • Hamburgers
  • Hot dogs with cheesy fries
  • Jello molds
  • Kraut dogs
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Nachos
  • Oysters in the half shell
  • Potato salad
  • Shrimp cocktails
  • Watergate salad
  • Wine and cocktails

Now let’s plan your Disco Party with different ideas.

Silent Disco Party

The craze of silent disco parties worldwide keeps growing, including silent headphones parties, quiet parties, and headphone discos. It is very similar to usual birthday parties or a club night. Luckily, the music is still transmitted directly to the wireless LED headphones instead of blasting from speakers. This party has its benefit like it will go on without making any noise, and you can play up to three music channels simultaneously. You can remix the old hits with the latest hits or something like 60’s classic.

Roller Disco Party

Skating was one of the most popular activities in the 1970s. It was a sport and a form of leisure activity in the past. But now, people have started throwing roller disco theme parties. For a roller disco party, you need to hire a skating rink. This idea is perfect for skaters. Today, the host will play eclectic music, from disco songs to almost any dance, pop, or rock. Guests can wear comfortable clothing like shorts, sweatpants, or athletic pants.

Dim Sum Disco Party

Many people out there might be wondering what the Dim Sum Disco party is. While some already know, enjoy, and are obsessed with the combination of dim sum and disco. This party is a boozy brunch that kicks on and turns into a party once you’re done with meals. After that, the celebration begins with a vast collection of music and digger's delight.

Tropical Disco Party

The tropical disco party is perfect for after-wedding parties or engagements. Some hanging plants will cover the disco balls at the top, and some garlands on the table with a disco ball centerpiece. Bright green color shades and fun details will make the party pop. Shop for some tropical disco songs, and watch out for some discography videos.

Studio 54 Disco Party

Set the disco party mood with Studio 54 tunes and theme—it is another interpretation of a 70s party, but usually, it is more glamorous. Make your guests feel like they have entered the 70s era at the most glamorous nightclub in town. Think bling, mirror balls, gold sequin drapes, and crystal-beaded curtains to give the feel. Also, add some Studio 54 music like “Brick House” Commodores, “Love to Love You, Baby,” Donna Summer, “Funky Town” Lipps, “Le Freak” Chic, and many more.

Disco Cocktail Party

A Disco Cocktail Party that mixes up some classic 70's cocktails for a 21st birthday party or any other milestone is a great way to celebrate! You can host your groovy cocktail party at a Peerspace bar to create more ambiance and atmosphere. Don’t forget to taste a nostalgia rush with a classic old-fashioned, rusty nail or chillax with a Harvey Wallbanger.

Disco Trivia Night

Test your disco knowledge with some disco trivia nights. It is a great way to celebrate a birthday or milestone who grew up in the ‘70s. As a host, you can combine karaoke, dancing, and singing with trivia questions and games to create the most unforgettable party of the year. Even create a list of ‘70s songs and make an excellent music bingo for the night.


The ‘70s was fun and flashy time with a specific style that people just loved, and making your next party a ‘70s theme party is an excellent choice for a lively night and some fun. We hope these ideas and other listed things help you plan your next disco party. If you enjoyed the content, do share it with others also.