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by Matt Wells Web Search Feed API JSON and XML | Gigablast

  • Web Search API details:

    Search Feed Cost $0.99 for every 1000 queries
    Minimum Purchase $5.00
    Searchable Indexes Web, Images and News
    Available Output Formats XML, HTML, JSON
    Web Index Size Over 1 billion pages
    Speed of Results ~0.15 seconds per typical query
    Language Support All languages
    Supported Protocols HTTPS only
    Link to API API
    Web Search Example xml or json
    Query Spell Checker Cost $0.10 for every 1000 queries
    Query Spell Checker Speed ~.05 seconds per query typical query
    Query Spell Checker Info Query Spell Checker Info

  • Monetize with Yahoo Partner Ads (YPA) service by integrating it into Gigablast's search results.

  • Alternatively, monetize with Google's Ads for Search (AFS) service by integrating it into Gigablast's search results. You can tune Google's search response to show only Ads while supplying web search results from Gigablast to maximize profits. ("If you have non-Google search results pages on your site, you're welcome to place Google ads on them." - Google AFS FAQ)

  • Cached web pages (archived copies) are provided as part of the feed service and the retrieval of one archived page counts as a single query.

  • Sign up now or Login to manage your account and start accessing the feed.

  • You must always supply &userid=<User ID>&code=<Feed Code> in your access URL so you do not get permission denied errors. Your User ID and the Feed Code are plainly visible on your account page once you create an account.

  • You can use the search results however you want. You can rearrange them, embed ads, etc.

  • Feel free to review the Terms of Service before signing up.