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Matt Wells
Gigablast's Matt Wells Career Highlights

Matt Wells' Career Highlights

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1996. Won the homepage design contest for the Computer Science Department at New Mexico Tech with this site. I created an animated zia for it using BMRT. I did all the drawings myself using Photoshop.
1997. Created the Artists' Den. Was in the Albuquerque Journal in March 1997. Was featured in Yahoo's and Netscape's What's Cool and was a semi-permanent feature on Infoseek's reference page. Was one of the leading art sites at the time. (review 1, review 2)
1997. Worked at Infoseek for a few years on the core search team with about 7 other engineers, including Robin Li, the founder of Baidu, the largest search engine in China. I found it amazing how much Infoseek relied on search to feed its website, but yet the core team was so small.
2000. Founded Gigablast. Boostrapped with $30k. Developed almost all the code myself. Circa 2006 Gigablast had over 12 billion pages indexed and was the second largest search engine in the world. At one time Gigablast also ranked in the top 2000 most popular websites worldwide. To this date, Gigablast continues to serve millions of queries per day using almost all wind power.
2003. Interviewed by Search Engine Watch
2004. Interview with Steve Kirsch for the ACM Queue, the official magazine of Association for Computing Machinery.
2004. Interviewed by Dator, a Swedish Computer Magazine.
2005. Interview in Business 2.0.
Various Links Techchrunch   Techcrunch   Slashdot   SearchEngineWatch
2006. In the New Mexico Flying Forty. One of New Mexico's top 40 technology companies by revenue.
2007. Interviewed by my Alma Mater, New Mexico Tech's Newsletter.
2012. After years of work, launched Event Guru, the largest search engine for events in the U.S. And it is the only technology to spider the entire web for events. It can read a page like you or me and figure out the events with a decent accuracy. This is a suprisingly hard problem because when you read events from a page, you engage a lot more mental processes than you realize!
Donated chandelier from Jezebel Lighting to the Albuquerque Sunport. Creation is almost completed.
The NSA reviewed Gigablast in its book, "Untangling the Web" which was declassified in 2013 under the Freedom of Information Act. Unfortunately for PRISM and XKeywords, Gigablast is very secure from any evesdropping and has a strict Privacy Policy.

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